Introducing the Leica M10-R

Leica M10-R against watercolor background

A reliable, robust, high-resolution M10 rangefinder – meet the new Leica M10-R. Its 40-megapixel color sensor offers significantly reduced image noise and the widest dynamic range found in our M series. The sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 50000 ensures perfect performance in any situation. Maximum exposure time is now 16 minutes. Still, the mechanical shutter is whisper-quiet – the Leica M10-R’s precision and quality are everlasting.  

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Pre-Order the Leica M-P Type 240 Safari or Leica M-P “Correspondent” by Lenny Kravitz for Kravitz Design

Pre-Order the Leica M-P Type 240 Safari or Leica M-P “Correspondent” by Lenny Kravitz for Kravitz Design

Two new editions of the Leica M-P Type 240 are arriving soon, the Safari edition and the “Correspondent” by Lenny Kravitz for Kravitz Design. Each are extremely limited editions. Pre-order your camera today by calling us at (201)664-4113.

Leica M-P Type 240 Safari


Leica Camera presents the Leica M-P Set ‘SAFARI’. This set comprises of the Leica M-P (Typ 240) Safari edition, Leica Summicron-M 35mm/f2 ASPH with round metal lens hood, a full grain cowhide carrying strap and matching SD & business card holder.

Leica’s safari/olive edition cameras date back to 1960 with the Leica M1 ‘Olive‘. Made initially for the military, the safari/olive cameras’ unique color stands out. Over the years, a handful of safari/olive editions were produced. Many of these limited edition cameras are highly prized collectibles.

The Leica M-P Set ‘SAFARI’ has an olive lacquered top cover, leatherette and bottom plate. The shutter speed dial, the On/Off switch, the release button, the hot shoe and some other details have a silver finish. The engraving on the top cover is reminiscent of the first safari camera in 1960 and has the classic Leica logo inscribed on one line and the wording ‘WETZLAR GERMANY’ on the second line. The 35mm/f2 ASPH has a silver chrome finish with a matching classic round metal lens hood. This set comes in a new packaging including a presentation box.

The Leica M-P Set ‘SAFARI’ will be available at Leica Stores, Leica Boutiques and Leica Dealers. There are 1500 sets available worldwide. The technical data of the camera and lens are identical to the serial versions.

Leica M-P “Correspondent” by Lenny Kravitz for Kravitz Design


Leica Camera presents the LEICA M-P ‘CORRESPONDENT’ BY LENNY KRAVITZ FOR KRAVITZ DESIGN. This set was designed in collaboration with recording artist, Lenny Kravitz. Presented in a handmade classic case, the set comprises of a Leica M-P, Leica Summicron-M 35mm/f2 ASPH and Leica Summilux-M 50mm/f1.4 ASPH.

The collaboration with Lenny Kravitz was born out of the artist’s passion for photography. The first camera Kravitz used was his father’s Leicaflex which he received at age 21, as a gift from his father. The distinctive design of the LEICA M-P ‘CORRESPONDENT‘ BY LENNY KRAVITZ FOR KRAVITZ DESIGN is reminiscent of a beautifully aged Leicaflex. The finish of each camera and lens is individually handcrafted with the edges displaying a patina similar to equipment which has seen years of constant use.

The camera and case cladding, the outer side of the carrying strap and wrist loop are made of snake skin leather. The case is handcrafted in Germany with the metal parts of the case showing a patina similar to that of the camera and lenses.

Unique to this set, the Leica Summilux-M 50mm/f1.4 ASPH has the classic outer design of its predecessor from 1959 with its profiled distance setting ring and the optical design of the current model. The lens hood, front and rear caps and body cap are made of metal.

There are 125 sets available worldwide. The technical data of the camera and lenses are identical to the serial versions.



Leica 100 Years Set Features Innovation and Tradition

Leica 100 Years Set Features Innovation and Tradition

M_EDITION_100_YEARS_teaser-480x320 (2)

Leica Boutique Bergen County is pleased to announce that we have come into possession of a very special limited edition Leica set!

To commemorate 100 years of Leica photography (film to digital) the fine folks in Germany have begun to ship a set which includes 2 spectacular camera bodies and 3 unique lenses.

One body is the first film camera Leica has made in over 10 years. The M-A film camera is as traditional as they come. Completely manual and mechanical ala the original M3’s of the late 50’s. Old school traditional for the artist in all of us. The second is an M Monochrome for your digital side: superb quality and dynamic range unmatched by any digital camera. The best of analog and digital black and white photography in one limited edition set. Both are in a unique silver color and the set is capped off with 3 beautiful Summilux 1.4 Aspherical lenses . The stainless steel hand milled lenses are 35mm,50mm and our first look at the brand new 28mmf1.4. The set comes packaged in a specifically designed Rimowa hard aluminum case and is limited to 101 pieces worldwide!

We are, as of this writing, taking delivery of our 1 and only set. Past camera sets usually sell out rather quickly.

Please call our boutique at 201-664-4113 and ask to speak to Bob or Jeremy in our Leica Boutique.

Leica Boutique Champagne Preview Thursday December 13

Join us for a champagne preview or our new Leica Boutique, Thursday, December 13th, 7 pm – 9 pm

Leica Boutique at Bergen County Camera

Our grand ribbon cutting is scheduled for the spring, but we are so proud and excited about our new Leica Boutique that we wanted to invite our special friends for some Holiday Cheer and celebration now! We want to thank you for making us one of the country’s leading Leica Dealers for over three decades, so we’d be honored for you to join us for a Champagne Preview party celebrating this special moment. Thursday, December 13th from 7 pm – 9 pm.

Join Bergen County Camera’s staff and Leica’s Jim Wagner will be on hand to fill your glasses with champagne and answer any questions about the latest and vintage Leica products especially the wealth of newly announced products from Photokina. No need to RSVP, sparkling beverages and savories will be served.

Leica PhotoPlus Expo – Special Events Invitation

(c) Morgan Miller
Photo: Morgan Miller – Meet Morgan Miller at Milk Studios

Leica Camera Special Opportunities during PhotoPlus Expo

Bergen County Camera would like to share an invitation to attend the Leica S-Studio in Milk Studios during the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. Get your Free PhotoPlus Expo pass courtesy of Leica (Booth – #713). Leica will have samples of all the Photokina announcements and the complete Leica-S system at Milk Studios on October 25th and 26th. Milk Studios is located at 450 West 15th Street, New York, NY. Leica will have a special shuttle from the PhotoPlus Expo main entrance on 11th Avenue to the Milk Studios and back on the half hour.Here’s a description of some of the Leica events along with a full schedule below. As a Bergen County Camera client, you are being invited ahead of the general public, so please respond immediately if you are in a position to attend any of these terrific programs. Space is very limited and in the past, these events are instant sellouts upon general announcement to the public.

Reception introducing the new Leica S-System

October 24 from 6 pm – 9 pm Leica Reception at the Milk Studios (Penthouse) – This reception is open to all customers as Leica celebrates the release of the new S-System. Space is limited so please be sure to RSVP to Julia Covelli

Learn more about the Leica S-System

A full schedule of events is planned at the Milk Studios on October 25th and 26th from 11 am – 5pm to help you learn more about the new Leica S-System. Meet renowned fashion photographer Morgan Miller (photo above) from 1 pm – 3 pm where he will share insights into his own photographic process. There will be shooting opportunities throughout both days.

Appointments are available for personalized instruciton on the Leica S-System in a studio environment. If interested, please email Kelsey Fain to reserve a personal presentation.

Leica M-System Walking Tour, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm on October 25th and 26th.

Try out the range of Leica M-System cameras. Tom Smith and William Yan will lead these walking tours of New York’s High Line Park. Space is very limited so please reserve a place by emailing (Note: A valid drivers license and credit card is required for all equipment loans.)

Leica Events at the Leica S-Studio
Click the Schedule above for a larger version

Visit with Leica during these upcoming events

October 25 – 27, PhotoPlus Expo, Booth #713 – Get free tickets courtesy of Leica
October 25 – 26, Studio A in Milk Studios
November 17 – Leica Boutique (opening November 2012) at Bergen County Camera Westwood New Jersey – meet National Sales Manager Jim Wagner
November 18 – New Jersey Photo Expo – visit Leica’s booth – Get Free Expo only tickets and $10 speaker sessions


Leica Photokina Announcements

Leica just made some extensive product announcements at the Photokina show in Germany. Among the new products announced include, a new Leica M, Leica M-E, M Accessories (including an R-M adapter) S Camera, S Lenses, S Accessories, D-Lux-6, V-Lux-4, X2 Paul Smith Edition and a new Leica X à la carte camera. Almost all these introductions are available for pre-order at Bergen County Camera. For personal assistance please visit, call toll free 201-664-4113 or send an email to
Visit our Leica Web Store

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Leica Photokina Announcements Leica S System

Leica Photokina Announcements Leica M

Leica Photokina Announcements V-Lux 4

Leica Photokina Announcements D-Lux 6

Leica Photokina Announcements M Accessories

Leica Photokina Announcements M-E

Leica Photokina Announcements X2 Paul Smith Edition

LEICA X à la carte

Leica Photokina Announcements M Accessories

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▸ Leica R-Adapter M
▸ Multi-functional Handgrip M
▸ Handgrip M
▸ Finger loop for Multi-functional Handgrip M and Handgrip M, size S, M or L
▸ SCA Adapter Set for Multi-functional Handgrip M
▸ Leica Microphone Adapter Set
▸ AC Adapter for Multi-functional Handgrip M
▸ Ever-Ready Case M

If you would like to pre-order, please email or call 201-664-4113. All orders are delivered in order of reservation.


The Leica M was developed for customers who want to put their excellent Leica R lenses to digital use. The new LEICA R Adapter for the first time gives users the option of deploying almost any Leica R lens ever built with their Leica M. The camera menu lists more than 20 different R lenses from wide-angle, telephoto and zoom through to macro lenses, including calibrated imaging workflow and EXIF lens detection. The wide selection of lenses opens up new application options to Leica M photographers, HD video recording in conjunction with the Leica R Vario lenses and using lenses with focal lengths longer than 135mm.


The new Multi-functional Handgrip M allows the user to keep a firm hold on the camera, while at the same time adding many useful functions to the camera’s features. The GPS module built into the handgrip gives users the option of adding the location to the EXIF image data (geotagging), to be able to sort and display images by location. To use an independent flash and an external viewfinder at the same time with a Leica M, the Multi-functional Handgrip M offers a SCA socket. This socket communicates with the camera in the same way as its integrated hot shoe. Additionally, the Multi-functional Handgrip M also features a socket for an external power supply and a DIN/ISO-X sync plug for studio flash systems. A USB port built into the handgrip also gives users the option of connecting the Leica M directly to a
computer. The “Leica Image Shuttle” software enables remote control of all camera functions and the transmission of image data directly to a computer via USB cable.


For users who simply want to improve their grip on the camera when using R lenses, it offers a handgrip without additional functions. It also differs from the Multi-functional Handgrip M in terms of the slightly lower overall height of the base plate. FINGER LOOP FOR MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HANDGRIP M AND HANDGRIP M, SIZE S, M OR L To further improve the ergonomics, both the Multi-functional Handgrip and the Handgrip M can be supplemented with an optional finger loop. The use of the finger loop helps to distribute the weight of the camera comfortably across the hand and is available in 3 different sizes.


The Multi-functional Handgrip M extends the functionality of the camera, adding a SCA socket that allows the user to simultaneously attach an external viewfinder and a system flash. To be able to use the additional interface, users need the SCA Adapter Set, comprising of a high-quality flash support rail and an external flash hot shoe with a spiral cable. The SCA Adaptor Set can be used either completely to connect the flash firmly to the camera, or without the flash support rail to unleash the flash.


The Microphone Adapter Set lets users record video with professional stereo sound quality. The set is comprised of an adapter for the camera’s accessory shoe, a high-quality stereo microphone and a connecting cable. The adapter allows users to connect an external stereo microphone to the camera. Third-party microphones with a 3.5 mm jack can also be used. The supplied stereo microphone can be connected directly to the adapter, or set up externally thanks to the interconnecting cable.
For permanent stationary operation of the camera in professional studio or industrial applications, the new Leica M can be equipped with an AC adapter to supply the Multi-functional Handgrip M directly with power from the mains.


The new Ever-Ready Case M was designed specifically for the new Leica M. It protects the camera during transport and can remain connected to the camera for an impromptu shot. For protection during a more intense shoot, the front part of the case can be removed while the remaining part of the case continues to act as a camera protector.


Leica Photokina Announcements Leica M

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We proudly present a new innovation by Leica Camera, the new Leica M.

The Leica M is the first M camera to implement a newly designed and constructed CMOS image sensor and to feature additional focusing methods and functions like Live View and Full HD video capability. The Leica M is the most versatile model ever in the history of Leica rangefinder cameras and sets entirely new standards. It unites the numerous advantages of innovative digital technology with a rangefinder technology that has been continuously perfected over decades. At the same time, it remains true to the legendary values of the M-System, while expanding the opportunities offered by rangefinder photography – and, for the first time, offers compatibility with Leica R legacy lenses. If you would like to pre-order, please email or call 201-664-4113. All orders are delivered in order of reservation.

▸ The smallest interchangeable lens full frame camera in the world
▸ Best in class image quality
▸ Brilliant viewfinder quality and precise focusing through the Leica rangefinder
▸ Outstanding image quality thanks to newly developed LEICA MAX CMOS Sensor
▸ Extended applications with Live View and electronic viewfinder
▸ Simple, high-precision focusing thanks to Live View focus and focus peaking
▸ Digital full frame for Leica R lenses, with the Leica R Adapter M
▸ “Leica Look” videos with Full HD video capture
▸ Many additional performance enhancements


Leica Photokina Announcements M-E

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We proudly present another new member of the Leica M camera family: the Leica M-E. Technically at the high level of a rangefinder technology perfected over decades, the Leica M-E stands for the essence of rangefinder photography. With its concentration on essential photographic functions for accustomed dependability in all typical M fields of use, it is the ideal entry-level model for photographers wishing to experience the fascination of M-Photography. Featuring the proven, high-resolution, 18 MP CCD sensor in full 35 mm format, the Leica M-E offers maximum imaging quality in combination with the distinct advantages of rangefinder photography. Its most distinctive feature is a minimized, purist, design statement. The top deck and base plate are discreetly finished in unobtrusive anthracite grey. The application of a new leather trim with enhanced grip characteristics ideally complements the camera’s classical design. If you would like to pre-order, please email or call 201-664-4113. All orders are delivered in order of reservation.

▸ The smallest interchangeable lens full frame camera in the world
▸ Unique Leica lenses deliver the best image quality
▸ Brilliant viewfinder quality and precise focusing through the Leica rangefinder
▸ The essence of rangefinder photography, reduced to the essential photographic features
▸ Classic Leica M design with anthracite grey on top cover and easy grip leather
▸ Ideal entry-level model at an attractive price

Leica M9 Firmware V 1.196

M9 Firmware Version 1.196

Performance improvements:

  • Further improvements to SD-Card compatibility.
  • Implementation of Lens detection for the new APO-Summicron-M 1:2/50mm ASPH.
  • Improved power management – The camera is now measuring battery stability internally. In the case of a weak battery, the camera switches off automatically.
  • Before this update, using older batteries could have lead to camera crashes and banding stripes (under certain conditions).

Leica is recommending that batteries be replaced for the M8 and the M9 after 3 years.

Here’s the full list of improvements in this update.

Download Leica M9 firmware version 1.196