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▸ Leica R-Adapter M
▸ Multi-functional Handgrip M
▸ Handgrip M
▸ Finger loop for Multi-functional Handgrip M and Handgrip M, size S, M or L
▸ SCA Adapter Set for Multi-functional Handgrip M
▸ Leica Microphone Adapter Set
▸ AC Adapter for Multi-functional Handgrip M
▸ Ever-Ready Case M

If you would like to pre-order, please email CustomerService@bergencountycamera.com or call 201-664-4113. All orders are delivered in order of reservation.


The Leica M was developed for customers who want to put their excellent Leica R lenses to digital use. The new LEICA R Adapter for the first time gives users the option of deploying almost any Leica R lens ever built with their Leica M. The camera menu lists more than 20 different R lenses from wide-angle, telephoto and zoom through to macro lenses, including calibrated imaging workflow and EXIF lens detection. The wide selection of lenses opens up new application options to Leica M photographers, HD video recording in conjunction with the Leica R Vario lenses and using lenses with focal lengths longer than 135mm.


The new Multi-functional Handgrip M allows the user to keep a firm hold on the camera, while at the same time adding many useful functions to the camera’s features. The GPS module built into the handgrip gives users the option of adding the location to the EXIF image data (geotagging), to be able to sort and display images by location. To use an independent flash and an external viewfinder at the same time with a Leica M, the Multi-functional Handgrip M offers a SCA socket. This socket communicates with the camera in the same way as its integrated hot shoe. Additionally, the Multi-functional Handgrip M also features a socket for an external power supply and a DIN/ISO-X sync plug for studio flash systems. A USB port built into the handgrip also gives users the option of connecting the Leica M directly to a
computer. The “Leica Image Shuttle” software enables remote control of all camera functions and the transmission of image data directly to a computer via USB cable.


For users who simply want to improve their grip on the camera when using R lenses, it offers a handgrip without additional functions. It also differs from the Multi-functional Handgrip M in terms of the slightly lower overall height of the base plate. FINGER LOOP FOR MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HANDGRIP M AND HANDGRIP M, SIZE S, M OR L To further improve the ergonomics, both the Multi-functional Handgrip and the Handgrip M can be supplemented with an optional finger loop. The use of the finger loop helps to distribute the weight of the camera comfortably across the hand and is available in 3 different sizes.


The Multi-functional Handgrip M extends the functionality of the camera, adding a SCA socket that allows the user to simultaneously attach an external viewfinder and a system flash. To be able to use the additional interface, users need the SCA Adapter Set, comprising of a high-quality flash support rail and an external flash hot shoe with a spiral cable. The SCA Adaptor Set can be used either completely to connect the flash firmly to the camera, or without the flash support rail to unleash the flash.


The Microphone Adapter Set lets users record video with professional stereo sound quality. The set is comprised of an adapter for the camera’s accessory shoe, a high-quality stereo microphone and a connecting cable. The adapter allows users to connect an external stereo microphone to the camera. Third-party microphones with a 3.5 mm jack can also be used. The supplied stereo microphone can be connected directly to the adapter, or set up externally thanks to the interconnecting cable.
For permanent stationary operation of the camera in professional studio or industrial applications, the new Leica M can be equipped with an AC adapter to supply the Multi-functional Handgrip M directly with power from the mains.


The new Ever-Ready Case M was designed specifically for the new Leica M. It protects the camera during transport and can remain connected to the camera for an impromptu shot. For protection during a more intense shoot, the front part of the case can be removed while the remaining part of the case continues to act as a camera protector.


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