Leica Photokina Announcements

Leica just made some extensive product announcements at the Photokina show in Germany. Among the new products announced include, a new Leica M, Leica M-E, M Accessories (including an R-M adapter) S Camera, S Lenses, S Accessories, D-Lux-6, V-Lux-4, X2 Paul Smith Edition and a new Leica X à la carte camera. Almost all these introductions are available for pre-order at Bergen County Camera. For personal assistance please visit, call toll free 201-664-4113 or send an email to CustomerService@bergencountycamera.com
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Leica Photokina Announcements Leica S System

Leica Photokina Announcements Leica M

Leica Photokina Announcements V-Lux 4

Leica Photokina Announcements D-Lux 6

Leica Photokina Announcements M Accessories

Leica Photokina Announcements M-E

Leica Photokina Announcements X2 Paul Smith Edition

LEICA X à la carte

Leica Photokina Announcements M-E

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We proudly present another new member of the Leica M camera family: the Leica M-E. Technically at the high level of a rangefinder technology perfected over decades, the Leica M-E stands for the essence of rangefinder photography. With its concentration on essential photographic functions for accustomed dependability in all typical M fields of use, it is the ideal entry-level model for photographers wishing to experience the fascination of M-Photography. Featuring the proven, high-resolution, 18 MP CCD sensor in full 35 mm format, the Leica M-E offers maximum imaging quality in combination with the distinct advantages of rangefinder photography. Its most distinctive feature is a minimized, purist, design statement. The top deck and base plate are discreetly finished in unobtrusive anthracite grey. The application of a new leather trim with enhanced grip characteristics ideally complements the camera’s classical design. If you would like to pre-order, please email CustomerService@bergencountycamera.com or call 201-664-4113. All orders are delivered in order of reservation.

▸ The smallest interchangeable lens full frame camera in the world
▸ Unique Leica lenses deliver the best image quality
▸ Brilliant viewfinder quality and precise focusing through the Leica rangefinder
▸ The essence of rangefinder photography, reduced to the essential photographic features
▸ Classic Leica M design with anthracite grey on top cover and easy grip leather
▸ Ideal entry-level model at an attractive price