A Collection of Holiday Photo Tips

Rockefeller Center Tree with point and shoot digital
Rock Center Tree – Gerri Facchine

Winter Photography – Free Focus Session in Westwood December 29 at 9:30 am. Focus Sessions take place almost every Saturday at 9:30 am at our Westwood location and are open to everyone – bring a friend! Our Englewood location hosts a Q&A every Saturday at 10:30 just bring your photography or imaging based question.

Below is a collection of blog posts related to the holidays and winter picture taking to hopefully inspire and provide some helpful tips. Please email, call or stop in if you have any questions about photography we’re here to help. In addition to a weekly Free Focus Sessions, we offer a range of photography and imaging classes on a variety of topics.

Holiday Picture Taking Challengers

Winter Digital Camera Tips

Holiday Lights

Holiday Stuffing – Steady Shots

Snow – Photographing Winters Majesty

Winter Shooting Tips – How to get White Snow

Holiday Lights - Christmas Boat Parade
Photo – BCC Guest Blogger Franklin Viola





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