Holiday Lights

Holiday  Lights - Christmas Boat Parade

Whether you are home for the Holidays or on the road with the Griswolds, the splendor of “Light” is everywhere.

Open up the exposure compensation on your camera +0.7 to +1.3 and use selective focusing to compose your favorite Holiday Illumination. Don’t forget your tripod when capturing lights at night!

And ya better not cry.

Ya better not pout.

Don’t be scared.

YES, you can dip your captured pixels into a digital processing program to further enhance ‘your’ vision.

Holiday Lights - Rockewell Winter

Not sure how?

Come by any Bergen County Camera location with any questions you have, or stop by our Westwood Store for a Free Saturday Focus Session on a host of subjects almost every Saturday. Don’t miss December 29th’s Free Focus Session – Winter Shooting starting at 9:30 am.

Want more?

Call or email BCC’s Abby Passman for a private or group session on Digital Photo Processing!

Last, while the Lights will be bright, the mercury may dip.

Keep a spare camera battery in your jacket pocket (warmer next to ‘you’ than in a bag or case) so that the joy of capturing pixels will not freeze up.

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Happy Holidays!

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