Leica M9 Upgrade Program






Bergen County Camera is pleased to offer Leica’s M9 upgrade program. M9 owners can now upgrade their M9 cameras with the product features of the M9-P. Leica Camera is offering two upgrade packages which will be available through Bergen County Camera.

Leica M9 Upgrade Package 1 – Sapphire Glass – $1,295
• The display cover will be replaced with the sought after sapphire glass of the M9-P.
• Choice between Vulcanite Leatherette or Smooth MP-Style Leatherette.

Leica M9 Upgrade Package 2 – Top Cover and Sapphire Glass – $1,995
• The display cover will be replaced with the valuable sapphire glass of the M9-P.
• The top cover will be replaced with either the silver chrome or black painted M9-P top cover.
• The bottom cover will be replaced with the corresponding color.
• Choice between Vulcanite Leatherette or Smooth MP-Style Leatherette.

The M9 upgrade service:
• Please call us to begin your upgrade.
• All work is done at Leica’s facility in Allendale, NJ.
• This upgrade is considered part of a regular repair service.
• All service fees will be paid to Bergen County Camera.
• Turn around will depend on volume for the M9 upgrades & customers can request to be informed of the return ship date.
• Warranty of the M9 with the upgrade will be extended by another year from the original warranty expiration date.
• The upgraded M9 will be shipped back to the dealer.

If you have any questions about the M9 upgrade service, please do not hesitate to contact Bergen County Camera.

Below is a list of FAQs regarding the M9 Upgrade Program.

Can any M9 be upgraded?
Yes, any M9 can be upgraded.

Where will the upgrades be done?
The upgrades will be done at Leica Camera USA’s facility in Allendale, NJ.

How long will the upgrade take? How long will I be without my camera?
Leica’s upgrade capacity is limited. Let us know when you are interested and we’ll get the timing and the day that Leica needs the camera coordinated for you. Leica’s goal is to have a door-to-door time of less than 4 weeks.

For the cost of the M9, should it not have come with these features?
The sapphire glass is unique on cameras. The sapphire glass has a very high material cost. It would raise the prices on standard cameras; therefore we are offering this as an upgrade.

Is this not just Leica charging the customer to fix design flaws in the camera?
The LCD glass is standard in the industry and does not represent a design flaw.

Will I be able to purchase a new M9 with these upgrades? Will they become ‘standard’?
A new M9 will not have these upgrades. The upgrades will not become ‘standard’ to the M9. Customers should instead buy the M9-P.

Will the Sapphire Glass cover be available as a part?
The sapphire glass will not be available as a single spare part.

Can I have either Upgrade Package without the Warranty Extension for a reduced cost?

Can I have a top plate in one color and bottom plate in another color?

Can the leatherette on an M9 be changed?
Yes, it can be changed for an additional charge if not done as part of the upgrade.

What happens to the serial number?
The serial number remains the same.

Is the lettering “M9-P” engraved on the existing horse shoe?
No, it will not have the lettering “M9-P”.

Other questions? Please call Bergen County Camera and we’ll get the answer for you.

Leica M9 – Firmware updated

Leica M9 Firmware Update Available   

According to the data sheet published on the Leica website  

Improvements in the M9 Firmware Version 1.138 
Camera Performance: 
  • Improved compatibility of SDHC cards 
  • Improved Auto White Balance in conditions with power saving lamps and tungsten light. 

Bug fixes:   

  • Saving user profiles has been improved (changing from one profile to another sometimes cause problems)
  • Time display in “American” format corrected through the menu
  • Auto power off bug fixed (camera turned off automatically while using the Play Mode or scrolling through the menu)

Download the firmware update from Leica