Outdoor Lighting Tip Videos

In this three part series, Bergen County Camera’s Paul Carretta talks about using reflectors and diffusers to enhance the lighting in outdoor situations.

In the first video, Paul discusses how to add extra natural light in an outdoor setting using a 41″ Promaster reflector.

Next, Paul shows us how to use a diffuser to reduce the amount of harsh shadows on a subject.

Lastly, Paul demonstrates how one can use a silver reflector to amplify sunlight.

Photo industry discovers YouTube! News at 11!

As you may (or may not) already know, YouTube’s M.O. is useless videos, which is why it’s one of the most popular sites on the web. People love useless stuff – I know I do! But buried within the millions of pointless videos on YouTube is the occasional useful one. Nay, you may say? YouTube and useful in the same sentence? Pfft!

LumiQuest has (somewhat) recently made a YouTube Channel specifically dealing with using flash and flash diffusers. It has some really good info on there and I recommend checking it out.

View more useful LumiQuest videos at www.youtube.com/lumiquest.

Now that we’ve got the lame “useful” video out of the way, here’s one that’s not useful. At all.

Now that’s what the internet was made for.