Jefferson Hayman – Stillness in Focus – Photography Exhibit

Jefferson Hayman – Stillness in Focus – Photography Exhibit

Stillness in Focus – Photography Exhibit – There’s a photography exhibit opening on March 15 featuring the works of Jefferson Hayman and Stephanie Serpick. The show will be on display March 15 through April 28, 2024 at the Perry Lawson Gallery in Nyack, NY.

We hope you get a chance to visit this show and see the works in person at the Perry Lawson Gallery in Nyack, NY.

Jefferson Hayman previously exhibited at Gallery 270 at Bergen County Camera.

Photo X3 – Photography Exhibit

Photo X3 Photography Exhibit 2024 - Show runs through February Joseph DiCara, Lorraine Nelson, John Kingston

Photo X3 – Photography Exhibit – There’s a nice photography exhibit currently showing at the Piermont Public Library. The show will be on display through the end of February.

The show features the works of three area photographers – Joseph DiCara, Lorraine Nelson and John Kingston.

We hope you get a chance to check this out. Google Directions

We’ve featured these photographer on our blog in the past if you would like to learn about these photographers. Joseph DiCara, Lorraine Nelson and John Kingston

Jean Fruth Grassroot Baseball: Route 66 – Talk and Book Signing

Thursday July 28, 2022 – 6pm talk – 7-9 book signing
Learn more by watching the preview video below or reading below. Hope you can join us!

Free Registration

Both the talk and book signing are Free – Please RSVP either or both these events

Jean Fruth will be visiting Bergen County Camera in Westwood, NJ on Thursday, July 28th from 6 pm – 9 pm for a talk and book signing. At the center of this event is her new book “Grassroots baseball – photographs by Jean Fruth” You can meet Jean Fruth and have your book[s] personalized at this free event. No purchase is required to attend either of these events.

6 pm – 7 pm – Jean will present a short talk on the book

7 pm – 9 pm – Book signing with Jean Fruth

We hope you can join us for Jean Fruth’s Grassroots Baseball – Route 66 edition.

About the book: Grassroots baseball – photographs by Jean Fruth

Hardcover – 256 pages – $70 Purchase is not required to attend this free event.

“I’ve learned that the game is more than just a sport – it is dreams and aspirations for so many youngsters wherever I go. The culture of baseball is so much bigger than just what happens on the field.”

Jean Fruth Bio

Sports Photographer Jean Fruth does more than take pictures.  She tells stories — of vibrant personalities, local cultures, and distinctive communities.  From a small darkroom to the most iconic stadiums flooded with lights, Jean’s trajectory as one of photography’s preeminent visual storytellers has taken her on a round-the-horn tour of the world’s most indelible landmarks – from the world of baseball to the world at large.  Sports have always been Jean’s most compelling subject, and from her earliest days in sports photography, she covered everything from wrestling to sailing to basketball — and on any given Friday, she could be found taking full advantage of those Friday night lights, shooting northern California’s storied football rivalries.

Soon Jean was called up to the big leagues herself, as she spent nearly a decade shooting the crown jewels of Bay Area sports — the Giants, the A’s, the 49ers.  Her portfolio quickly expanded when she was invited to Cooperstown and the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, where she helped build the museum’s archive and bring to life the story of baseball.  America’s most eminent historical institutions – including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and the Smithsonian — have featured her work.

What drives Jean now is to serve communities through her storytelling – as the co-founder of Grassroots Baseball, a non-profit that promotes participation in baseball at the youngest levels, and as a traveling photographer for La Vida Baseball and La Vida Sports, digital media companies that shares the stories of Latino sports around the globe.  As one of Sony’s select Artisans of Imagery, and through her popular workshops, she shares her techniques, her insights, and her love of images — both the power of pictures and the stories they tell.

Jean’s first book, Grassroots Baseball: Where Legends Begin, was released in 2019. Her latest, Grassroots Baseball: Route 66, was just released in June 2022, with proceeds benefitting the non-profit program.

Jean Deer – Special In-Person Opening Reception April 14 at 7 pm

Jean Deer In-Person Opening Reception – Twenty-five years after surviving a massive stroke, Jean Deer, once a renowned photographer, traded his camera for a simple ballpoint pen. His collection includes over 18,000 original drawings, all expressions of a life which cannot be verbally communicated as a result of his global aphasia. His daily devotion to drawing has kept his spirit shining and Stroke of Genius is proof that creativity can never be silenced.

Join us on April 14, 2022 from 7 – 9 pm for this special event for an in person opening of this very special limited edition show.

Free Registration

Jean Deer In-Person Opening Reception

This is a free event — Please RSVP to let us know you will be joining us. Hope you see you.

Jean Deer Drawings

The Story of Leonard Freed

Please join us on May 3rd 2018 from 7-9pm at Gallery 270 to introduce our upcoming show, Leonard Freed’s A Concerned Worldview

Leonard freed was a passionate man with an insatiable curiosity about the human condition. His imagery is imbued with his enduring excitement about discovering another piece of the puzzle in the question of human existence. He learned about life and fell in love with humanity as an active participant in it, traveling the globe to experience life from many perspectives, always open to learn something new. On the journey, he honed his perceptive skills to create a recognizable, signature style.  
“I’m more involved with the people in the world around me and their relationship to the world around them. I use technology as a tool to penetrate this world. After all, the photos I take don’t come from the camera, but from me.”  Read more

Meeting Baron Wolman

Meeting Baron Wolman by Tom Gramegna
About 20 years ago, I was reading through a copy of “B&W Magazine” and I came upon this compelling photograph that I had seen many times before. I did not know that it was done by Baron Wolman, first chief photographer, and at the time it was taken, actually part owner of Rolling Stone Magazine. 

There was a phone number below, seeking gallery representation. Since this was the definitive photograph of one of my musical heroes,  there was no choice for me, I had to call that number. As someone who grew up so entranced with the music and culture of that time, it was an opportunity to connect someone who experienced this magical moment in history up close. Strangely enough and to my delight, Baron actually answered his own phone. We spoke an hour or two, and  became instant friends on the phone. Baron sent me a copy of his book Classic Rock and other Rollers inscribed “this can be big fun”.

In the twenty or so years of our friendship and professional relationship, that’s the premise upon which all the adventures we’ve embarked on have been planned! And this latest show celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine is the latest iteration in the mixture of fun and business that we’ve instigated for just about two decades. We’re so looking forward to having fun with all of you and our buddy Baron as we travel back to that period in time that still resonates with so many.

The best photographs go further than just showing the literal. They capture a spirit, an essence, and something of the person’s real character shines through. Baron’s photographs still have such power and magic so many years after they were taken, because they document a very special and innocent time before  rock and roll became big business. Luckily for all of us, Baron lived in the city at the center  of  the music culture that captivated the world in the late sixties, San Francisco. His neighbors were Janis and Big Brother, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane. He had their trust since he was “one of the tribe”. Baron’s photos of Janis Joplin are so poignant because they give a glimpse into the little girl inside the tortured soul with the great potential  for joy that she unfortunately experienced so little of.

I believe the essence and power of photography lies in its humanity. It’s the humanity of the person or events  depicted and also very much the humanity of the person behind the camera. In my many years of dealing with Baron in the placement of many hundreds of his photographs in homes, collections and museums all over the world, the power of his humanity, endless  creativity and the generosity of his spirit overrides all other thoughts  of the wonderful man who is Baron Wolman. Further evidence of just his latest bout of creativity will be on display at Gallery 270 in the form of his current collaboration with fine artist Sophie Kipner and her unique Blind Line Contouring. Moved by the images Baron created, Sophie’s unique creative process results in one of a kind works on canvas which are paired with the original photographs they were inspired by. 

Please join us to welcome Baron Wolman for his solo exhibition Baron Wolman: Rolling Stone Magazine Fifty Years Down the Line, opening on Thursday November 2nd from 7-9PM in Westwood. We’ll celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine and the photographs of its first chief photographer that were its graphic centerpiece. Refreshments served, all are welcome, admission is free. 

Photo Exhibit – Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County

We’re very pleased to announce a photography exhibit Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County – St. Patrick’s Day Parade by our long time customer Leo F. Collins at the River Edge Free Public Library starting March 1st.


Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen of Bergen County

I have had the great honor and privilege in recent years to join with the Band and photographing their fine efforts. As a result, I have collected hundreds of photos of the group and have selected a sample for your viewing pleasure. The Police Pipes and Drums has been led for the past several years by an Honor Guard from the Paramus, New Jersey Police Department. The dedicated members of the Paramus Police are part of the Department’s commitment to play a major role in supporting civic activities.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC brings out many local dignitaries and personalities – plus the line of march includes many representatives of our military services. This exhibition includes samples of these scenes and the tremendous spectacle the Parade brings to New York. I know you will get much joy, as I do, in viewing this wonderful display of the outstanding team of talented members of the Bergen Police Pipes and Drums.

Leo F. Collins

About the photographer Leo F. Collins

Leo F. Collins, Sr., a River Edge resident, who is an Engineer and held executive positions in the Aerospace Industry for the last 50 years. He continues to consult providing technology and strategic direction to start up firms throughout the greater tri-state area. He serves on the Technology Advisory Board of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and was appointed to the Bergen County Economic Development Corporation.

Photography has always been a hobby for Leo Collins, and then grew into a passion. The passion and skill behind the lens allows him to capture extraordinary images in so many different settings. He has traveled the world and has a remarkable library of live photo images taken throughout his many journeys in his life. Photo images include in his collection, NYC skyline, historic and famous landmarks in the U. S. and around the world including countries such as, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, China and Japan. In addition, action photos of sporting events and very important family events, christenings, weddings, graduations and much more!
Leo F. Collins, Sr. would like to thank the following people and entities in making this exhibition a reality The Police Pipes and Drums of Bergen County, the Paramus Police Department Honor Guard and Bergen County Camera of Westwood.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at

Your Point of View: Thirty-five Miles

YPOV LogoTo celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Bergen County Camera, we’re very excited to announce the next Your Point of View show! The theme is “35 Miles”. We want to see some of your favorite photos taken within 35 Miles of our store! For help with location distance, use this map.  This will be our biggest show yet with  30 different photographers being showcased!

All locations inside the blue are eligible for this show. Click to view larger

  1.  To enter, send your photos, the location they were taken, and your name to
  2. Photographers are allowed to enter up to two images.
  3. All submitted photos must be taken by the photographer entering the competition.
  4. All submitting artists are limited to one photo per show.
  5. 30 different photographers will have their photo selected to be shown.
  6. All entry images must be cropped to an 11×14 aspect ratio. Should you have any trouble with this, please feel free to e-mail for help.
  7. All entrees must be sent to by 6 PM on Saturday, August 29th, 2015.
  8. A panel of Bergen County Camera Employees will select the finalists.
  9. All images will be shown on Bergen County Camera’s Facebook page and the blog. The 30 finalist images will be framed and hung at Bergen County Camera for our 35th Anniversary and The NJ Photo Expo.
  10. Finalists will need to submit their own 11×14 print or purchase an 11×14 print through Bergen County Camera.  Finalists will be offered a special price for images printed through Bergen County Camera. We will mat and frame all finalist images.

The opening will be on Thursday, September 17th from 7-9 pm in Westwood during our 35th Anniversary Celebration and kickoff to the 2015 NJ Photo Expo. Photos will remain on display through the end on September. We look forward to seeing some fascinating work. Good luck!