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Paul joined us on a recent Saturday Focus Session to discuss photographing New York City in winter. You can watch it here

Why NYC? Why Sunday?

I have often asked myself the same question. The simple, albeit, un-romantic answer, is parking. On Sunday every neighborhood is open to carefree parking. Pick a part of town you are looking to survey and pull into a spot. Careful though, the red, “No Parking Anytime” signs, never changes, even on Sunday.

You’re asking, there must be more to it. Well of course you are correct. Sunday in NYC is all about the locals. The old timers and the young guns. The people who actually live in “the Village”, SOHO, Nolita, Little Italy and the now “Little Paris”. They have their favorite coffee shops, breakfast joints and newspaper stands. Some go to church, and everyone does Sunday brunch. Capturing an image at this time is more intimate and subtle.

Then it’s time to enjoy the best of both worlds. After I’ve had my espresso at Cafetal I walk a bit and grab an image or two. Then it’s over to see Claire at Fanelli’s. One of the oldest bars in New York City. I’II have a “bloody” and maybe some salmon. Might finish up with a double “E” and “B” (if you take my class, I’ll reveal the secret ingredients)

If you are in the zone and want to stay after class it’s about 1PM and it’s time to really get into the groove. It’s tourist time. The streets are crowded. The language is international and the images are there for the taking. A more carefree style of capture. The interactions are friendly, but respectful.

If you always wanted to try, as a photographer, to bring your talent to the street, why not tag along and let me share with you some of the fun I’ve been having for years. We will share ideas and talk about the day, the equipment and most of all the people. And when all is done you will be coming back for more.

My name is Paul Nicholas Florio. Some call me skweegee. I’m a photographer by passion… and an actor by chance.

A pre class takes place on the Saturday Prior at Bergen County Camera at 10am. At this pre class we’ll talk about our plans ang give you the exact meetup location.

The meetup takes place in Greenwich Village in New York City at 10 am sharp. The day lasts from 10 am – 1 pm, longer if you are in the groove.

A post class takes place on the Saturday after the meetup at 11:30 am at Bergen County Camera.

Must be 21 years or older to attend. Event rain or shine.

The date prior to the event date is the pre-class held at Bergen County Camera at 11 am. Exact details of the meetup will be distributed at the pre-class. The following Saturday the post-class review takes place at Bergen County Camera at 11:30 am. Full details – dates – times provide after registration. Refunds will be granted with advance notice and certainly if severe weather forces cancellation of the event.

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