Why Buy Photo Books?


Most photo books are only printed in small quantities, often less than 5000 and some as few as 1000 copies. Some individual artist made books are made one at a time. Most well printed photo books accrues additional collectible status when it is a first edition and or signed by the artist. All the major auction houses like Swann, Christies and Sotheby’s run regular auctions dedicated to photo books. Truly affordable works of art when first released, individual books can rise quickly and dramatically in value as the small quantity sell out.

They make the perfect gift for those difficult to buy for. Pick a subject, person, or time in history and chances are we have a beautiful photo book that’s topical and strikes a resplendent chord for an individual. Since we are music fanatics here, you could guess that we represent some of the finest photographers in the world of music. We have a great selection of their books, many of which have been signed.

Photography collecting is widely misunderstood to be very limited to only those whose bank accounts stretch to seven or more figures. Many people that I speak to about fine art photography collecting believe that they must make a bold move like purchasing a museum grade Ansel Adams photograph to enter the field and nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that photography collecting is very democratic and can start with nothing more then a deep love for the medium. It is a very natural extension that’s easily accessible to all who enjoy any aspect of picture making themselves.

The photography field has so many niches that photo books offer an almost universal appeal. Stop in at Bergen County Camera or Gallery 270 to check out our large selection of photo books.


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