Photography Tips and Walkthroughs

General Photography Tips:

Backing Up Your Images – How to prevent the loss of images by backing up your data.

Blurry Images– The basics of photography and how to take better pictures.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography– Describes what High Dynamic Range photography is and how to create HDR photos.

Lunar Photography– Take better photos of the moon.

Reducing Red Eye– What is creating red eye in photos and how to get more pictures with less red eye.

Sensor Cleaning– What a dirty sensor looks like and what to do if your camera is in need of cleaning.

Sharpening In Photoshop– A basic walkthrough of creating sharper images using Adobe Photoshop.

Time Exposures– Create unique images by adjusting how long your shutter stays open.

Tripods– Take better photos in a variety of situations with a tripod.

alanvideVideo: Landscape Photography– Join Photographer and Bergen County Camera Employee, Alan Schwab as he discusses landscape photography.


paulvidVideo: Outdoor Lighting Tips– Join Photographer and Bergen County Camera Manager, Paul Carretta as he discusses lighting subjects outdoors.

Seasonal Photography Tips:

Summer Photography– Take better photos in the summer months while keeping your camera safe.

Fireworks Photography– Take better photos of fireworks.

Fall Photography– Use the changing foliage to your advantage.

Winter Photography– Tips on taking better photos in a variety of cold weather situations.

How To Get White Snow– Snowy photos coming out grey? Learn how to fix it.

Holiday Photos– Advice on a variety of different holiday photo situations.

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