One Last Speedstar – Funtown Pier

One_Last _Speed_Star-Afterllfe-massaia-2012

Just when you think that Michael Massaia has taken the ultimate photograph he stuns you by doing it again. This one, taken in the early morning hours of 12/22/12 is assurance that there is beauty to be found among the ruins by eyes gifted, skilled and perseverent enough to know how. Bookended with his elegiac Casino pier photograph taken 11/10/12, these two images are immediate visual icons. – Tom Gramegna, Gallery 270

Michael’s work is on display at Gallery 270 at Bergen County Camera in Westwood, NJ. Take a look at Michael Massaia’s previous Gallery 270 shows.

Michael Massaia Afterlife Part 2

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Michael Massaia – Haunting Images of the Jersey Shore

Michael Massaia Afterlife Part 2

We wanted our Gallery 270 at Bergen County Camera friends to be among the first to see this compelling image of The Casino Pier that Michael just photographed November 10th! It’s leaves me just speechless. This is such a achingly beautiful shot and an instant icon of documentary photography. We already have a framed print at our Westwood location, this man does not stop! Michael hand his family have lived in Seaside Heights for decades and one of his first bodies of work documented the Boardwalk attractions now devastated by the hurricane. Martial law is currently in effect in the town of Seaside Heights. Michael only managed to get permission to do this shot only since he was there already assisting his uncle on his house. No one else will ever be able to capture this image, and no one could ever imbue it with more sensitivity and resonance. Looking into this compelling image midpoint at the extreme left side of the photo, the painted spotlights of “The Music Express” ride that Michael first immortalized in 2009, are all that remains. It is a stark reminder of a storm that devastated anything in its’ path.