NEW! World’s Smallest Sony Telephoto Lens – Tamron 70-300mm F/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD

The World’s Smallest Sony Telephoto Lens

Announcing the Tamron 70-300mm for Full-Frame and APS-C Sony Mirrorless

Tamron 70-300mm

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The world’s smallest Sony telephoto lens is finally here from Tamron. The 70-300mm F/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD (Model A047) for Sony full-frame E-mount mirrorless cameras is a telephoto zoom lens. It was designed and created so photographers of all skill levels can enjoy high quality images comfortably. The 70-300mm achieves both the world’s smallest size and lightest weight. It comes in at 5.8 in. long with a maximum diameter of 77mm. It is additionally weighing just 19.2 oz. With special emphasis on resolving power, Tamron has remarkably deployed special lens elements appropriately arranged to correct chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is generally very strong in a telephoto lens.

Users can enjoy high-resolution images combined with the stunning bokeh qualities that are achievable only with a telephoto lens. In addition, the lens also incorporates the RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) unit. The RXD is a high-speed precision AF drive system that is remarkably quiet. The 70-300mm is a versatile lens for photographing landscapes, sports and other action, pets and wildlife and more. The lens also demonstrates its potential for portrait shooting, and casual snapshots. The lens is also compatible with scenarios that require you to be mobile and shoot handheld, like sporting events. Designed for full-frame, the lens is at home on APS-C mirrorless cameras and also provides a 105-450mm equivalent field-of-view. 


  • The world’s lightest and most compact telephoto zoom lens for Sony full-frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras 
  • Supreme lightweight portability that makes telephoto shooting fun
  • Uncompromising image quality with 15 elements in 10 groups that lets you focus on creativity
  • Up-close shooting performance (31.5″ / 1:9.4 Wide & 59.1″ / 1:5.1 Tele)
  • RXD stepping motor unit is exceptionally quiet
  • 67mm filter diameter for system convenience
  • Moisture-Resistant Construction
  • Compatible with main camera-specific features and functions

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