Camera Tips from a BCC Pro: Outdoor Portraits

What time is best to shoot outside Portraits?

Photo provided by Jeremy Lebled

Many Portrait photographers chose to do their shoots early in the morning or late late afternoon for a few reasons. The first reason for shooting early, the light is just perfect! Getting up early to shoot in the morning. There isn’t as harsh of a light yet in the day. Compared to shooting closer to high noon or the early afternoon. Where the sun is higher in the sky and causes harsh unwanted shadows. You can get away with shooting during the day at that time as long as you are in a area with a lot of open shade. But ideally earlier in the morning is when you will get the best beautiful golden light. Secondly, the streets are usually completely empty. So there is little distraction for your model/subjects. You have a very small window of time before the streets or parks start to fill with foot traffic or regular traffic depending on where you are shooting. So make sure you get there early to scout out your location and be prepared! Another great time to shoot is closer to sundown. The lighting will once again be beautiful and golden. But the only thing to keep in mind is there will still most likely be a lot of people and potential traffic. So you will need to work quickly! Just to recap, the best time is the morning. Second best is later in the day towards sundown. But you can also get away with shooting during the day if you have to. Just make sure you find a nice area with shade. Be sure to have your early morning coffee ready, have some fun and take some beautiful images! Till next time..

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Jeremy Lebled – Sales Specialist at Bergen County Camera

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