Ron Magill Webinar December 4th 9:30 am

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Nikon and Bergen County Camera a happy to present “Using Photography to Protect Wildlife through Storytelling”

“This presentation will illustrate how images can be your best tool in telling stories that will engage and inspire people to protect and preserve our world’s wildlife for future generations. From the swamps of Botswana to the mountains of Mexico, to your local zoo, I will use images to take you on a journey that will fill your mind with some of the wonders that are the beauty of our natural world while also explaining how I captured them!”

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Monarch butterflies in forest by Ron Magill

All about Ron Magill

Ron Magill

Zoo Communications and Media Relations Director

Zoo Miami/Nikon Ambassador USA

Born February 28, 1960 in New York City

Married with two children

Ron has worked with wildlife for over 40 years.  He is the host of HITN’s national wildlife documentary program, “Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill.”  As Zoo Miami’s  “Goodwill Ambassador”, he has made frequent television appearances on many programs including, “National Geographic Explorer”, the Discovery Networks, the “Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “The Late Show ”, “CBS’ This Morning”, “Dateline” and “CNN” as well as on Spanish networks Univision and Telemundo.  In addition, he has written and produced many wildlife articles and award-winning photographs that have appeared in publications and galleries around the world.  He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia and Tropical America while developing and directing conservation projects and Emmy-Award winning documentaries focusing on the wildlife of those regions. 

Other than Zoo Miami and the Zoo Miami Foundation, Ron has worked with several children’s charities with a special dedication to the Make-a-Wish Foundation where he helps to grant wishes for children facing life-threatening diseases.  In addition, he is a regular speaker at schools and civic organizations throughout South Florida in hopes of inspiring our youth to follow their dreams while showing them the importance of protecting our world’s wildlife for generations to come.

Ron’s proudest professional accomplishment is the establishment of the “Ron Magill Conservation Endowment” at the Zoo Miami Foundation.  This endowment is the largest of its kind at the zoo and provides tens of thousands of dollars annually to wildlife conservation by providing annual scholarships as well as supporting field conservation projects designed to protect wildlife in the wild areas where it is naturally found.

Intentional Camera Movement Assignment

For a look at the instructions used for this assignment you can watch this video

Our latest assignment is Shadows and Silhouettes and is due on December 28th at 5pm. If you would like to participate, please email your image (minimum 1920×1080 pixel) to Please send only your ONE best image. We will have full review live on January 8th, 2022. Sign up here. When signing up please be sure you are not blocking cookies as this will block the 3rd party registration process.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the submissions from our Intentional Camera Movement Assignment. Special thanks to everyone that joined us!

Sundays in New York

Registration + Additional Information

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Why NYC? Why Sunday?

I have often asked myself the same question. The simple, albeit, un-romantic answer, is parking. On Sunday every neighborhood is open to carefree parking. Pick a part of town you are looking to survey and pull into a spot. Careful though, the red, “No Parking Anytime” signs, never changes, even on Sunday.

You’re asking, there must be more to it. Well of course you are correct. Sunday in NYC is all about the locals. The old timers and the young guns. The people who actually live in “the Village”, SOHO, Nolita, Little Italy and the now “Little Paris”. They have their favorite coffee shops, breakfast joints and newspaper stands. Some go to church, and everyone does Sunday brunch. Capturing an image at this time is more intimate and subtle.

Then it’s time to enjoy the best of both worlds. After I’ve had my espresso at Cafetal I walk a bit and grab an image or two. Then it’s over to see Claire at Fanelli’s. One of the oldest bars in New York City. I’II have a “bloody” and maybe some salmon. Might finish up with a double “E” and “B” (if you take my class, I’ll reveal the secret ingredients)

If you are in the zone and want to stay after class it’s about 1PM and it’s time to really get into the groove. It’s tourist time. The streets are crowded. The language is international and the images are there for the taking. A more carefree style of capture. The interactions are friendly, but respectful.

If you always wanted to try, as a photographer, to bring your talent to the street, why not tag along and let me share with you some of the fun I’ve been having for years. We will share ideas and talk about the day, the equipment and most of all the people. And when all is done you will be coming back for more.

My name is Paul Nicholas Florio. Some call me skweegee. I’m a photographer by passion… and an actor by chance.

A pre class takes place on the Saturday Prior at Bergen County Camera at 10am. At this pre class we’ll talk about our plans ang give you the exact meetup location.

The meetup takes place in Greenwich Village in New York City at 10 am sharp. The day lasts from 10 am – 1 pm, longer if you are in the groove.

A post class takes place on the Saturday after the meetup at 11:30 am at Bergen County Camera.

Must be 21 years or older to attend. Event rain or shine.

The date prior to the event date is the pre-class held at Bergen County Camera at 11 am. Exact details of the meetup will be distributed at the pre-class. The following Saturday the post-class review takes place at Bergen County Camera at 11:30 am. Full details – dates – times provide after registration. Refunds will be granted with advance notice and certainly if severe weather forces cancellation of the event.

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Focus Session: Landscapes

Hank Gans will present some amazing image from Maine – Tuscany – New York along with his strong support of the Micro 4/3rd system. We hope you can join us for this free webinar this Saturday October 2nd at 9:30 am.

Multi-award winning professional photographer/photo-educator Hank Gans, who began his career five decades ago, will reveal secrets behind his memorable images. He’ll discuss how his move to Micro 4/3 format cameras advanced his on-location photography AND his propensity for making very large prints for his worldwide clients and exhibitions.

Picture of Tuscan village pink clouds and valley fog - by Hank Gans

Additional works by Hank Gans are currently showing at the Belskie Museum Artwall at the Closter Public Library.

Covid-19 Update October 9, 2021

In-person – Virtual/Online – Delivery operations – Curbside Options

Current Updates:

  • We are open for both in-store shopping and curbside pickup
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  • Now offering passport photos again – please call for appointments for groups or families, walk-ins available for individual passport photos – please arrive before 4:30 pm
  • All business services resume
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  • In store classes will resume soon as the state continues toward a full re-opening.

Current Safety Measures:

  • Masks are required for all employees working on sales floor
  • For customers, please mask up if unvaccinated or want peace of mind
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  • Frequent disinfecting will occur storewide
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Please call us with any questions – 201-664-4113

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Bob Krist Book Talk: Old Souls and Timeless Places

Focus Session - Bob Krist Book Talk: Old Souls & Timeless Places

About the Book: A retrospective collection of portraits and landscapes, all captured in rich black and white, from Krist’s travels around the world. Old Souls & Timeless Places is a heartfelt paean to the people and places the photographer holds most dear after a lifetime of travel. The Travel Photographer blog called it “brilliant and masterful.” The photographs are reproduced in spectacular quad tone black & white, spot varnished, in a presentation that feels “more like a gallery show than a book.” Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Jonathan Krist Foundation, a non-profit that grants scholarships and aid to students in underserved communities. There are only 500 copies of “Old Souls and Timeless Places” and our exclusive editions with signed Bob Krist photographs are only available through Bergen County Camera. At least 50% of the proceeds from book sales supports the work of The Jonathan Krist Foundations which provides scholarships to art and music students in underserved communities.

Click here to purchase Bob Krist books.

Signed copies $60
Signed copies with one 8x10 signed photos $125
Signed copies with two 8x10 signed photos $150
Limited availability of other our of print Bob Krist books

Down the Shore - $25
A Photo Tour of New York $25

DriveSavers Tips: How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

How to recover deleted photos from an iPhone

Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

Americans take about 20 photos per day, and most of us have more than 600 just saved on our phones, not counting cloud-based storage systems and local hard drives. We like pictures. A lot. So what happens when they’re accidentally deleted? Do you know how to recover deleted photos from iPhone?

Fortunately, there are a few different ways to recover photos from iPhone. Here are five tried-and-true methods to find deleted photos on iPhone.

Story courtesy of DriveSavers

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Portrait Tips from a BCC Pro!

What is the key to great Backgrounds for Portraits?

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Lebled

What is the key to great backgrounds for portraits you ask? Honestly its pretty simple! The key is “less is more” and to “keep it simple”. With Portraits you want to have as few distractions from the background as possible. When you have distractions and a bunch of clutter behind your subject it will take away from the photo rather than adding to it. To make a strong portrait you do not want to distract the viewer and take away the focus on your subject. So try placing your subject on a simple, uncluttered background from the start. If that is not possible. I would suggest to either remove as much as you can from the background. Or if you are outside try to position yourself and angle your camera in different angles so you do not get random people walking in the background and so forth. Another thing that helps when you are shooting around other people outside is to shoot with a telephoto/prime lens that has a fast aperture. That will help compress and completely blur out anyone or anything in the background. So lets recap! The key to great backgrounds is “less is more” and “keep it simple”. This will immensely help your chances of getting “the shot”. Which we all love getting! Keep shooting and stay safe.

Till next time..

All my best,

Jeremy Lebled – Bergen County Camera Specialist