Sony Saturday Focus Session + Demo Day

Sony Saturday Focus Session + Demo Day

Sony Saturday Focus Session + Demo Day

Sony Saturday Focus Session + Demo Day – Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Spring Assignment: No Excuses in the Studio

We’re pleased to announce our latest photo assignment, “No Excuses in the Studio”! This is the first BCC assignment given by long time customers and friends of the store, John Kingston and Joe DiCara. If you missed the presentation, check out the details below!

The Assignment, if you choose to accept it… is to take something ordinary and change the way you see it! Take an everyday object and photograph it in a new and creative way, making use of whatever tools and techniques you have available in your home “studio”.

  • – Develop a plan on how to get that image in your head
  • – Write or sketch out your approach
  • – Use anything you available in your studio (lighting, smoke/atmosphere, water, pyrotechnics, etc.)
  • – Have fun with it!


  • – Images must be taken between April 20th and May 14th of 2024.
  • – You may submit one image.
  • – We ask that you bring a physical copy of your plans to the review if you have them written down.
  • – Your image(s) are due Friday, May 24th by 12:00pm (noon). Please email submissions to
  • – Please have your images sized no smaller than 3000 pixels wide/tall in JPEG format

The review session will be held in-store on Saturday, May 25th at 9:30am. Doors open at 9:00 for coffee! As with all of our past Focus Session Assignments, this is a chance to get creative and try new things. We’re not grading you, so have have fun with it. We can’t wait to see what you capture!

A Trip to the Adirondacks – Canada Jays, Red Squirrels & More

A Trip to the Adirondacks – Photographing Wildlife with BCC’s Matt Malwitz

A trip to the Adirondacks
Canada Jays, Red Squirrels and More!
Click to Play Presentation

The Adirondacks are a magical place for photographers. From stunning vistas, to wildlife like Black Bear, Bald Eagle and Moose, the Adirondacks have it all. While these mountains are home to some of the Northeast’s largest wildlife, it’s the small creatures that drove Bergen County Camera’s Matt Malwitz up there. One bird in particular actually did the trick. The Canada Jay to be exact. What’s a Canada Jay, you may ask? Check out Canada Jays, Red Squirrels & More: A trip to the Adirondacks to find out!

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Ron Magill Webinar December 4th 9:30 am

Ron Magil bio image

Nikon and Bergen County Camera a happy to present “Using Photography to Protect Wildlife through Storytelling”

“This presentation will illustrate how images can be your best tool in telling stories that will engage and inspire people to protect and preserve our world’s wildlife for future generations. From the swamps of Botswana to the mountains of Mexico, to your local zoo, I will use images to take you on a journey that will fill your mind with some of the wonders that are the beauty of our natural world while also explaining how I captured them!”

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This will be a live only presentation with no replay available.

We hope you can join us for this event.

Nikon Logo
Monarch butterflies in forest by Ron Magill

All about Ron Magill

Ron Magill

Zoo Communications and Media Relations Director

Zoo Miami/Nikon Ambassador USA

Born February 28, 1960 in New York City

Married with two children

Ron has worked with wildlife for over 40 years.  He is the host of HITN’s national wildlife documentary program, “Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill.”  As Zoo Miami’s  “Goodwill Ambassador”, he has made frequent television appearances on many programs including, “National Geographic Explorer”, the Discovery Networks, the “Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “The Late Show ”, “CBS’ This Morning”, “Dateline” and “CNN” as well as on Spanish networks Univision and Telemundo.  In addition, he has written and produced many wildlife articles and award-winning photographs that have appeared in publications and galleries around the world.  He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia and Tropical America while developing and directing conservation projects and Emmy-Award winning documentaries focusing on the wildlife of those regions. 

Other than Zoo Miami and the Zoo Miami Foundation, Ron has worked with several children’s charities with a special dedication to the Make-a-Wish Foundation where he helps to grant wishes for children facing life-threatening diseases.  In addition, he is a regular speaker at schools and civic organizations throughout South Florida in hopes of inspiring our youth to follow their dreams while showing them the importance of protecting our world’s wildlife for generations to come.

Ron’s proudest professional accomplishment is the establishment of the “Ron Magill Conservation Endowment” at the Zoo Miami Foundation.  This endowment is the largest of its kind at the zoo and provides tens of thousands of dollars annually to wildlife conservation by providing annual scholarships as well as supporting field conservation projects designed to protect wildlife in the wild areas where it is naturally found.

Covid-19 Update October 9, 2021

In-person – Virtual/Online – Delivery operations – Curbside Options

Current Updates:

  • We are open for both in-store shopping and curbside pickup
  • In-store shopping is available Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm
  • Now offering passport photos again – please call for appointments for groups or families, walk-ins available for individual passport photos – please arrive before 4:30 pm
  • All business services resume
  • Merv 16 Filtration on 3 HVAC air Handlers
  • EME-H Halo In-Duct Air Purifier on 4 HVAC air Handlers
  • In store classes will resume soon as the state continues toward a full re-opening.

Current Safety Measures:

  • Masks are required for all employees working on sales floor
  • For customers, please mask up if unvaccinated or want peace of mind
  • Plexi-glass has been installed to provide physical barriers
  • Social distancing is encouraged at all times
  • Frequent hand washing practices (before and after interactions with customers)
  • Frequent disinfecting will occur storewide
  • Kiosk remain self-service with 6′ distancing

Please call us with any questions – 201-664-4113

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Portrait Tips from a BCC Pro!

What is the key to great Backgrounds for Portraits?

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Lebled

What is the key to great backgrounds for portraits you ask? Honestly its pretty simple! The key is “less is more” and to “keep it simple”. With Portraits you want to have as few distractions from the background as possible. When you have distractions and a bunch of clutter behind your subject it will take away from the photo rather than adding to it. To make a strong portrait you do not want to distract the viewer and take away the focus on your subject. So try placing your subject on a simple, uncluttered background from the start. If that is not possible. I would suggest to either remove as much as you can from the background. Or if you are outside try to position yourself and angle your camera in different angles so you do not get random people walking in the background and so forth. Another thing that helps when you are shooting around other people outside is to shoot with a telephoto/prime lens that has a fast aperture. That will help compress and completely blur out anyone or anything in the background. So lets recap! The key to great backgrounds is “less is more” and “keep it simple”. This will immensely help your chances of getting “the shot”. Which we all love getting! Keep shooting and stay safe.

Till next time..

All my best,

Jeremy Lebled – Bergen County Camera Specialist

Camera Tips from a BCC Pro: Outdoor Portraits

What time is best to shoot outside Portraits?

Photo provided by Jeremy Lebled

Many Portrait photographers chose to do their shoots early in the morning or late late afternoon for a few reasons. The first reason for shooting early, the light is just perfect! Getting up early to shoot in the morning. There isn’t as harsh of a light yet in the day. Compared to shooting closer to high noon or the early afternoon. Where the sun is higher in the sky and causes harsh unwanted shadows. You can get away with shooting during the day at that time as long as you are in a area with a lot of open shade. But ideally earlier in the morning is when you will get the best beautiful golden light. Secondly, the streets are usually completely empty. So there is little distraction for your model/subjects. You have a very small window of time before the streets or parks start to fill with foot traffic or regular traffic depending on where you are shooting. So make sure you get there early to scout out your location and be prepared! Another great time to shoot is closer to sundown. The lighting will once again be beautiful and golden. But the only thing to keep in mind is there will still most likely be a lot of people and potential traffic. So you will need to work quickly! Just to recap, the best time is the morning. Second best is later in the day towards sundown. But you can also get away with shooting during the day if you have to. Just make sure you find a nice area with shade. Be sure to have your early morning coffee ready, have some fun and take some beautiful images! Till next time..

All my best,

Jeremy Lebled – Sales Specialist at Bergen County Camera

Camera Tips from a BCC Pro!

Expensive Glass… It makes a HUGE Difference!

Featured above: Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 VR Lens

So does shelling out all of that money on a really good lens you have been debating about buying make that big of a difference compared to your kit lens? Positively it does! I remember back when I bought my first so called “big boy” lens. I was shooting with a kit lens for a couple years at the time. I wanted to start taking my photography more seriously. I noticed that my photos weren’t come out as crisp as I wanted. I just felt like it was lacking that extra umph! Something just wasn’t there. So I headed over to BCC (at the time I wasn’t a employee yet!) to talk to their knowledgeable staff. I ended up being shown a beautiful 24-70mm 2.8 lens. I almost fainted once I heard the price of how much it would cost me. But as soon as I took a couple shots with it. I realized right away that I would be devoting all my time to come up with a plan to save up the money to purchase it. And I’m glad I did!

Later on I would learn some of the main reasons why more expensive glass is better. Pro lenses are made with the highest quality glass available. Some of the things this helps with are contrast, sharpness, lens flare and color fringing. So you get the highest quality photograph possible. Which are all extremely important. They are quicker and more accurate with autofocusing. So you can nail your shots the first time when you take them. And lastly, they offer the fastest maximum apertures. Which means you can use lower ISO settings or shoot in lower lit situations easier. For those of you who shoot sports, dance recitals, school plays, action and kids running around this will help immensely. Shooting at a lower F-stop also makes it easier to blow out the background and get that rich, creamy “bokeh” effect that we all love. It really helps separate your subject from the background wonderfully.

I can’t stress it enough how that one purchase of that lens impacted my photography so greatly. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Yes I understand it is expensive. But a quality lens is an investment and as long as you take good care of it, it will be something you will have for a very long time and take many wonderful photographs with it. I promise you wont regret it! If you have any questions feel free to call our store at 201-473-2050 and anyone one of us would be more than happy to help.

Till next time..

All my best,

Jeremy Lebled- Sales Specialist at Bergen County Camera.