October Customer Spotlight – Michael Campanile

Welcome to our twenty-first Bergen County Camera Customer Spotlight. This monthly posting features a customer who’s made an impression on us. They might have grown in their understanding of photography, gained a mastery of the craft and / or have become a strong advocate of our way of doing business in the world of photography. During the next month you will see this customer’s images displayed on our digital signs in store, in our emails, blog posts and social media.  

Michael Campanile is our customer spotlight for the month of October. We hope you both enjoy and are inspired by this new addition to In Focus and look forward to your comments and suggestions. Below you will find a word from Mike, followed by some of his images in the gallery below.

My father was a photographer, so naturally I wanted to follow in his footsteps. The first camera I had was an old Kodak Instamatic. I took it with me whenever we travelled and still have those square prints today. As I got older I switched from film to digital and rarely printed what I shot. After relocating back to northern New Jersey, I found myself wanting copies of my work, and someone recommended trying BCC. When I saw that they offered square prints, it was if my photography had come full circle.


I like to shoot the world around us, whether that’s architecture, landscapes, concerts, or just those random moments that pop up as we walk down the street. The past five years have seen my concert photography published and the beginning of a business selling my work online and at local art markets. It’s a great feeling to see a customer connect with my photos, and the joy they get from hanging it on their wall.


I recently moved to Asbury Park but still come back up to BCC to print my photos. They always go the extra mile to get them just right, and they even have helped me upgrade my equipment based on how and what I shoot. I am grateful for their help, guidance, and friendship.  

Check out more of Michael’s photos here: www.instagram.com/CampanilePhotography

One thought on “October Customer Spotlight – Michael Campanile

  • October 11, 2019 at 4:55 pm

    Superb; excellent pictures; an accomplished eye.

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