Get Prepared For The Holidays

Untitled-1Visit Bergen County Camera to prepare for the Holiday Season. We’re always willing to answer your questions and help make your photos great. Looking to upgrade your camera? Visit us now and we’ll help you find the right camera for your life, set up your camera, and make sure you have the knowledge to feel comfortable using it. We’re often the same prices as the big box stores, only with staff and service there to help you learn and enjoy photography.

Things to check on your camera to prepare for the holidays:

1. Turn on your camera. If your camera did not turn on it may need the battery charged, possibly it may need a new battery, or the camera may need service. Bring it in and we’ll get it working for you.

2. Check your memory cards. Always have a back up memory card in case your memory card becomes corrupt.

3. Seeing spots in your photos? A sensor cleaning may be required. We preform next day sensor cleanings.

Take your camera out and use it to be sure it’s not showing any other issues. Should something be not acting correctly, bring it in, we’ll get it working right and help make sure your Holiday photos are great.

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