To Leica Q, QP or Q2?

Story written by Tom Gramegna

To say that the Leica Q has been an unparalleled sensation and success since it’s introduction in 2015 would be an understatement.

For many whose previous camera was a cellphone, the Q created a large community  of newly dedicated photographers with its gorgeous design, streamlined operations, and connectivity.

The Q was initially produced in black, later in silver chrome, a limited run in titanium and a few small limited editions, all immediate sellouts. The camera was back ordered for most of its 3+ year life, and rabidly sought after in the pre-owned market.

December 2018 saw Leica introduce the QP, which was intended as a mid cycle refresh. Leica designers hit it out of the park in creating the ultimate Stealth Q, clad in a sensual to the touch matte black finish, sans Leica red dot, and classic white script “Leica” on the top plate. A hand stitched brown leather strap and two batteries round out the compelling Q-P kit which continued the Q series unprecedented popularity.

Pretty much everyone who sees and touches a QP wants one. We sold through multiple shipments at $4995 in December and January and along with everyone were surprised to learn in March that the Q-P was sold out and a Q2 announcement made.

Of course, the market demand for Q2’s has been extraordinary and wait times for delivery have varied between 2-6 months! So with the original Q sold out and red hot on the used market, Leica responded by bringing back the QP for a limited run at a sensational savings of $1000, not far from the market price of a mint used Q!

Unless one is making huge 40×60 prints, or finds the additional weatherproofing important, while we have this opportunity, the QP may be the perfect solution to the question: “ To Q, QP or Q2”? Reserve yours today! 

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