Scam Warning For Photographers

Recently one of our employees was contacted through their website with the following message:

“I will like to know your availability day in July, 2015 just for 6 hours service, also i will need portrait work done after the photography work is done after the event. I will like you to get back to me with your availability day in July, its a family reunion party. And also do you accept credit card payment?”

Note that there is no date stated for the family reunion, and the biggest warning sign, the request to use a credit card for payment. If you contact them with your prices they will respond:

“The price is okay with me and i am ready to make full payment of the service now with my credit card so i can be rest assured the date is secured for the event, I need you to render me a favor regarding the event planner that is handling the event for me. The favor is that the event planner is currently not authorized to accept credit card so i want you to help coordinate his fee on my card along with your payment. I will give you my card to charge for your service and the event planner fee (You will charge your fee then charge an additional $1500 for the event planner) As soon as you charge it through and it approves you will forward it to him so everything can be set for the event, Reason i am asking you for the favor is cus i just got out of Intensive care and My Psychiatrist strongly a Psychiatrist strongly advice me to minimize the stress i go through else i might develop severe weakness and tiredness. I am willing to offer you an extra $50 as tip for your assistance, Bear with me I will be authorizing and responsible for all the charges on my credit card.”

The scammer will give a reason to make a larger payment and will request you wire the difference to a second person. Once you wire the money, you will never hear from the scammer again. The credit card will be a fake and you will be left out of your money and time.

This scam is currently being attempted both on Facebook and through photography websites. They use several fake names through these scams including Leland Whitehurst, Shane West, Tom Porter, Jeremy, and Janice Adara.

Remember when anyone online asks you to forward money to a second party, this is a scam. Be careful and stay safe!

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