Lytro Illum

The invention of photography gave us the power to capture our most beautiful, tragic and thought-provoking moments. But traditional cameras only capture part of a story. What if we could look deeper? What if we could tell the full story of a moment captured in time?

Now, with a single exposure from Lytro ILLUM, you can adjust aperture, use selective focus, tilt, focus spread, animation and even 3D to differentiate yourself with multiple deliverables.

The many ways to tell your story.

In addition to exporting your images as JPG, TIFF and light field RAW files, you can also share your light field pictures as Living Pictures, custom animations, in 3D, or as traditional 2D images.

2D Living Picture at ƒ/1
2D Living Picture at ƒ/16

3D Living Picture for 3D TV
3D Red/Cyan Living Picture

Entirely new yet surprisingly familiar.

Integrate light field pictures into your existing repertoire. Lytro ILLUM is designed to connect with your peripherals and mobile devices seamlessly – Flashes, PCs, Macs, and your iOS mobile devices.

Upload Living Pictures by wirelessly syncing with your smartphone or tablet – anywhere, anytime.

All the power you need in one single lens.

LYTRO ILLUM’S 8× optical zoom lens has a constant f/2.0 aperture throughout the 30-250mm range, so you can take pictures from almost anywhere with one lens. These breakthrough optics enable you to shoot from close-focus macro to optical infinity, without ever having to change your lens. And weighing in at just half a pound, you’ll have precise and agile control over any shot.


 The tools to bring your pictures to life.


Shoot. Edit. Share. The LYTRO ILLUM camera comes with Lytro Desktop, which lets you easily import, customize and share your living pictures. Bring your pictures to life by adjusting aperture, tilting and rotating the focal plane, and even create cinematic animations. Immerse yourself even deeper into your living pictures by instantly viewing them in 3D. Your dynamic stories can now be easily shared on social networks or embedded online in an interactive player.

Mobile App

ios_connectivity_2x_20150211bCapture your living pictures; then take them with you wherever you go with the new Lytro Mobile App. The app is now even easier to use: simply tilt your mobile device and watch your pictures come to life. Then with a tap, easily share to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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