Attn: 5D Mark II Owners!

As much as we are nerds here at the camera store, we’re generally pretty jaded when it comes to firmware updates. It’s usually the standard “fixes banding issues when shooting at ISO 3200 in RAW mode with the white balance set to cloudy and the moon is beginning it’s waxing phase”. But! Every now and again they like to surprise us with something that’s actually useful.

Canon just released a firmware update which deals specifically with HD Video in the Canon 5D Mark II. Normally, when doing video with the Mark II, there’s not a lot in terms of manual controls. Actually, none at all. This new firmware update gives you full manual freedom when doing video.

Follow the link to download and for more info:

If you’re having trouble installing the firmware, feel free to stop by the store and we’d be more than happy to help you out.