Lightroom Error on Export – ShellExecuteExW

Are you getting the following error when attempting to export in Lightroom 4? If so, here’s a fix to a problem that took us some time to figure out in the digital lab. Specifically, the error message is – An internal error has occurred: Win32 API error 2 (“The system cannot find the file specified.”)when calling ShellExecuteExW from AgWorkspace.shellExecute .

This error seems to occur for users that have upgraded from earlier versions of Lightroom to the latest version. The fix is very simple and once complete you should not experience the error again.

Lightroom Export Dialogue box
After selecting export and choosing your options . . .


You receive the following error message.

Lightroom Error Message
The fix is simple – scroll down in the export options window to post processing options. If you are expereincing this error message most likely your post processing after export field is blank as shown below.
Lightroom Export before fix

Just change the selection to do nothing or any other option and continue to export. You will not receive the error message and your images will be exported as expected.

Lightroom Export window after fix






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