Airport X-rays

Digital Cameras and media are not affected by x-ray screening according to current research. We always recommend carrying your equipment in your carry on rather than with your check bags.

If you are traveling with film . . .

Many of the new airport scanners recently introduced are more powerful and much more likely to fog unprocessed film. The scanners used for checked baggage are even more powerful so under no circumstance should your film be placed in your checked baggage.

Although the FAA regulations allow for a hand inspection without exposure to X-ray’s, this may not always be possible as safety will always be the top priority. To make your request easier, place your film in clear plastic canisters inside of a clear bag to present to the screener. If refused, just be sure to have a lead film shield ready to go.

At some airports you may be randomly selected to have your carry on screened as checked baggage. This scan will fog your film, so be sure to remove you film before this scan.

Foreign airports almost never make allowances for hand inspections nor are they obligated by law to hand inspect, so pack you film in an x-ray bag and place it in your CARRY ON bag.

Films with an ISO of 1600 or higher are almost impossible to protect and should be shipped to your destination by a carrier who will certify no x-ray radiation.