Oberwerth Camera Bags

Oberwerth Camera Bags

Finest Materials, Perfect Functionality and Timeless Elegance‚Äč

Leica Q Oberwerth Camera bags

Oberwerth Camera Bags – Oberwerth is not just a bag. Oberwerth is an idea. A statement. A conviction. Materials of the highest quality, outstanding craftsmanship as well as sustainability in production and responsibility for our environment – these are the values that drive us.

Our designers and bag makers spend weeks and months developing a bag, searching for the right materials, creating the first prototype and fine-tuning on the way to the perfect product. We use the finest materials, especially the best leathers from the world’s best tanneries in Germany, Italy and France, as well as the most valuable hardware. Through the intelligent design, the use of these finest materials and the high-quality workmanship by the best craftsmen, we combine all individual parts into a perfect product that convinces all along the line, inspires and gives pleasure every day anew. “Only the best” – that is our quality promise to you.

With tons of options to choose from, you can find the perfect Oberwerth bag to suit your needs. Looking for some guidance or need help deciding? Give us a call at (201) 664 – 4113 for more information, or to order your Oberwerth bag today!

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Oberwerth Camera Bags

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Leather Quality

For this reason, we use only selected cowhide from Italy and southern Germany and France. The tanning of the leather is decisive for the subsequent quality of our products. We pay attention to the compliance with world-leading environmental standards in the production of the leather. For our CLASSIC LINE we exclusively use vegetable tanned cowhide. The leather of the CASUAL LINE bags is hand-rolled and has a uniquely soft feel. The knowledge about the origin of the leather and the exclusive use of leathers from environmentally friendly production are part of our philosophy and a matter of course for us. This quality is also an important part of the sustainability of our products

You can experience quality with all your senses. You can see it, feel it and even smell it.

Leather options from Oberwerth
Leather options from Oberwerth


Sustainability is recognized through responsibility that you can feel and see.

Oberwerth Leica SL2 half case
Leica SL2 Half-Case

The bags and products of Oberwerth should be a companion for life, if possible. But even more we try to pay attention to sustainability in the selection of not only our leathers, but also other materials. All materials are recyclable and an ever-increasing proportion of them are also made from recycled materials. Achieving this sustainability is time-consuming and expensive, but worth the effort. This is the only way to create a genuine Oberwerth product.


The best materials are only good if they form a unit that can be relied upon. Our fine bag-makers and fine bag-makers combine the individual materials in careful handwork and with years of experience to create a lifelong companion. From cutting to final inspection, every step is done in manufactory production. The art of our bag makers is the creative foundation on which our long-lasting products are based. Durability and a patina that refines the bag are the result of this work. Thus, no bag or accessory leaves our production that we are not completely convinced of. However, should a seam or a fastener come loose, we will repair your bag free of charge and for life after registration.

Quality is experienced every day. Over years.

Oberwerth bags being constructed by hand


Oberwerth Leica bag

Quality is in the detail. Because it’s the little things that make life easier.

The bags from Oberwerth are unmistakable, classic icons. The best material and the very best workmanship paired with classic elegance produces bags that are modern due to their timelessness without chasing the zeitgeist. Oberwerth creates timeless fashion that is no longer subject to short-term trends. Authentic and still modern in the future, thought-out in every detail and made with dedication – every Oberwerth bag is unique and a companion for life.

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