August Customer Spotlight – Nancy Panicucci-Roma

Nancy Panicucci-Roma taking a photo

Welcome to our twenty-third Bergen County Camera Customer Spotlight. This monthly posting features a customer who’s made an impression on us. They might have grown in their understanding of photography, gained a mastery of the craft and / or have become a strong advocate of our way of doing business in the world of photography. During the next month you will see this customer’s images displayed on our digital signs in store, in our emails, blog posts and social media.  

Nancy Panicucci-Roma is our customer spotlight for the month of August. We hope you both enjoy and are inspired by this new addition to In Focus and look forward to your comments and suggestions. Below you will find a word from Nancy, followed by some of her images in the gallery below.

Hi, my name is Nancy Panicucci-Roma, and I’ve lived in Rockland County for most of my adult life. After working at the Rockland County Department of Mental Health for 36 years, I retired 5 years ago.

Shortly before retirement, I got a Nikon D7100 camera with 2 kit lenses for my 60th birthday, along with a trip to Tanzania!  My birthday was that June, and the trip was planned for February. Since I am not a technical person, and was completely intimidated by the camera, I never took it out of the box until one month before the trip! I made my way down to Bergen County Camera, a store that I had heard about several years before, and asked them for guidance on how to use my still brand new camera.  The folks at BCC were kind to me and pretty much advised me to keep it on automatic and enjoy the safari.  Great advice!

So, here I am, 7 years later, having grown very passionate about my photography, a circumstance that I could not have imagined when I first looked at that camera in the box several years ago.  These days, I rarely go anywhere without my camera, and I take photographs every day. I now use a Nikon D500 and Nikon mirrorless Z7 with several lenses.  My partner, Alan says I have more camera ‘luggage’ than we have regular luggage for our expeditions! I happily agree.

Several years ago I started attending the Saturday Morning Focus sessions at BCC,  which have proved to provide invaluable experiences for me, in learning how to use my cameras, in meeting other photographers, developing friendships, attending workshops, participating in a number of photography trips, and growing my fascination and passion with photography.

In fact, my travels are largely focused on photographic opportunities that have continued to fuel and grow my passions.  I often spend hours in the woods along the Palisades, travel south to shoot shore birds, take advantage of the local gardens and parks, and photograph  nature and wildlife right in my own backyard. I have also been fortunate to travel to several places around the world: National Parks in the USA, different locations in Africa, several countries in South East Asia and South America, and my more recent travel to India.

Over the years I have questioned who I am as a photographer.  What is my niche?  Are my images good enough?  I have learned that it is not necessary for me to identify my ‘niche’ but rather photograph things that I gravitate towards, things that I feel passionate about, and things that I value and make me who I am.  In trying to clarify this for myself I developed a short list: family, friends, and people, wildlife, nature, travel, unity, giving back, and telling a story that has impact.  I want my photographs to incorporate those passions.

And, are my images good enough?  If they capture an experience in a moment in time and give me pleasure and can have some influence and/or impact on others, I am moving in the right direction of a good photo.

I am truly honored to be part of the Bergen County Camera “Spotlight” and will share some of my photos from my trip to India with The Giving Lens, a community of photographers who give back through travel and photography.  We volunteered part of our time working with young women, teaching them to use the cameras, and helping them tell a story of their lives in their culture with photographs. With the support and coordination of BCC, several friends who attend the Saturday Morning Focus sessions donated cameras, which were given to the young women at the end of our workshop.


View Nancy’s Photos Below:

2 thoughts on “August Customer Spotlight – Nancy Panicucci-Roma

  • August 14, 2020 at 5:04 pm

    Outstanding; excellent compositions; I particularly like the black & white images

  • August 22, 2020 at 8:07 am

    Wonderful images, wonderful faces, capturing the feel of the county and people. Good memories and better shots.

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