Your Point of View – “Motion” Show Guidelines

We’re excited to announce the next Your Point of View Show! Strap yourself in because this show’s theme is “Motion”.

Entrees are limited to one image per photographer. Multiple submissions will result in disqualification.

All submitted images should be color corrected and cropped to an 11×14 aspect ratio.

All entrees must be sent to by 6 pm on August 10th, 2014.

A panel of  judges will select sixteen finalists.

All images will be shown on Bergen County Camera’s Facebook page and and the 16 finalists images will be framed and hung in the gallery for the show.

The finalists will need to submit their own 11×14 print or purchase an 11×14 print through Bergen County Camera.  Finalists will be offered a Special Price for images printed through Bergen County Camera. We will mat and frame all finalist images.

The opening will be on Thursday, September 4th from 7-9 pm in Westwood.

A sale price of $200 will be placed on all finalist art. You are welcome to refuse to sell your photo during the show.

Bergen County Camera shall be entitled to a 20% commission for any featured art sold during this show.

We look forward to seeing some fascinating work. Good luck!

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