Leica Photokina Announcements – Leica X à la carte`

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Leica Camera announces the expansion of the `Leica à la carte` program, the exclusive concept for creating a Leica camera custom tailored to your personal taste. From vibrant and fashion forward to understated and discreet, Leica will offer a selection of styling options for the Leica X2 compact camera beginning in late October 2012. First offered in 2004 for Leica rangefinder 35 mm film cameras, the `Leica à la carte’ program allows customers to select from a wide range of finishes and features. The resulting, uniquely personalized camera is then hand-crafted at the Leica Camera factory in Germany, a true statement piece to showcase a love of, and a passion for, photography.

▸ The only digital compact camera on the market that offers customization options
▸ 10 high-quality genuine hide leather camera trims in: 8 different colors and 4 different leather textures
▸ Shoulder strap and camera protector from the same material as the camera leather trims
▸ In addition to black and silver, exclusive titanium-colored, anodized surface
▸ 3 positions for individual engraving (top cover, rear cover, flash cover)
▸ Wide variety of combination options
▸ Available exclusively through Leica Stores and Boutiques

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