Photoshop CS5 – Looks like an awesome upgrade!

After watching the CS5 anouncement on Monday I have to say that I was quite impressed with what they’ve included in this update. In the past 10 years, more than one update to Photoshop initially left us wondering what’s this update all about and why did I just spend another $159! Every time after a month or two of using the new tools I’ve wound up impressed and was once again a strong supporter of Photoshop. CS5 looks amazing right out of the gate and that’s before I have even had a chance to use the program.  Abby from Bergen County Camera recently visited Photoshop World in Orlando and was among many industry experts and beta testers of Photoshop CS5 who as a group were impressed with CS5. (Abby’s Photoshop World Post)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 box image

Here’s a few things that I think will make this a super upgrade out of the box. These features are really a jump from CS4 and in the words of Adobe – “Eye bleeding cool”

  • Smart radius for edge detection when making a selection
  • Content aware fill – Remove a horse or any object from an image and CS will intuitively rebuild the background from available image information! Wow!
  • When using any kind of a stroke – CS5 will let you vary the width at any point you choose.
  • CS Review – a new add on feature that lets you share your work for comments online with other CS5 users
  • New improved natural and realistic painting tools
  • All new 64-bit Raw processing engine
  • All new merge to HDR Pro – with subtle controls to choose parts of the image and make adjustments within this powerful automatic workflow. You will even be able to automatically fix ghosting as in the case of trees in a breeze moving between your HGR shots. You will also be able to use these new HDR tools on a single image as well.
  • New improved sharpen and de-mosaic filters
  • Better noise reduction – remove luminance noise and add film like grain and more
  • Automation of Lens correction based on file EXIF information. For example you could fix all chromatic abberation with your lens at f2.8 and have every image automatically adjusted on import. The same would be true for vignetting or any other lens correction option in the program. For rare lenses not in the original release, Adobe will rely on online reporting and will post EXIF corrections for these lenses as well.

Photshop CS5 looks amazing and everyone at BCC is looking forward to its mid May arrival. We will stock upgrade versions for both PC and MAC (newer Intel based MAC’s only) If you have any questions or comments email or comment here – Thanks!


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