Looking for Something to Do? Butterfly Fest Sunday 8/13

Butterfly Fest

Sunday August 13th

Noon – 3pm

Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further than New Jersey’s own Botanical Garden. Visit the New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skylands, located in Ringwood, NJ on Sunday for their Butterfly Festival held by the Bergen County Audubon Society. Meet up at the Carriage House Visitor Center, to learn all about butterflies and how to attract them. Butterfly walks will also be led throughout the day. Guests will be able to walk through the Botanical Garden, and identify the butterflies that inhabit the area. 

The Botanical Garden at Skylands is also a great location for birding, and the 1117-acre property also includes a Tudor revival mansion built in the 1920s from stone quarried in the estate. Tours are led of the estate, and self-guiding tours are available of the grounds. Enjoy a stroll through history at the Skylands Botanical Gardens.

More information regarding this event and the Botanical Garden can be found on their website,  www.njbg.org/, as well as on https://www.mybergen.com/bergen-county-nj-events-entertainment-northern-new-jersey-plays-concerts-fundraisers-comedy/butterfl


Great Places to Photograph: Ringwood Manor

Great Places to Photograph: Ringwood Manor

headLocated roughly 30 minutes North-West from Westwood is Ringwood State Park and Ringwood Manor. The property was originally established in 1739 as an ironworks featuring several of the country’s most known iron-smiths. The property still features one of the original iron forges, which still is used on occasion.  The main manor was built in 1807 and housed many influential and important subjects in American history. A mixture of nature and outdoor art is sure to provide plenty of photographic opportunities. As you stroll though the paths around Ringwood Manor, you’ll notice plenty of locations featuring well planned symmetry. The equidistant trees, shrubbery, and sculptures combine with reflections to create mesmerizing scenes. Photographers Alfred Hess, Alan Schwab. and Stephen Seyboth recently traveled to Ringwood Manor with Infrared Converted SLR Cameras to shoot the location.

For more information on Ringwood Manor visit their website.

Directions to Ringwood Manor From Bergen County Camera

Ringwood Manor is located on:

Manor Road

Ringwood, NJ 07456