Dean Cobin – “Night Lights” Opening Reception June 16 – 7pm

You are cordially invited to an opening reception on June 16 from 7 pm – 9 pm, light refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome.

Despite the “amateur” status due Dean Cobin since he does not earn his living from his passionate pursuit of photography, one would be hard pressed to find anything remotely amateur about his process and approach to photography.  Completely self taught, there is nothing that could be recognized as anything less than complete dedication to the highest ideals of the historic masters and their present day peers he emulates. He pursues mindful photography because it’s a deeply felt, integral part of the man he is.

“Photography is my passion, a labor of love, and a vision to share with the world. It is a moment in time captured forever; an image recorded as a part of history living on for eternity.“

Others in the world of photography have recognized Dean’s special talent for capturing a bit of “eternity now” by publishing and bestowing numerous awards for his work. The roster includes a virtual list of the most respected names in photography like Outdoor Photographer, Adirondack Life, National Geographic’s Your Shot and the UK’s Digital Photographer.

Shooting the aurora borealis was a quest that had long captivated Dean. It took his third trip to Yellowknife, Canada to be able to realize the phenomena as he had seen it in his mind’s eye. The appearance of the aurora is never a guarantee due to their quixotic nature. Add in the adverse and fickle weather conditions in a harsh environment with the temperature routinely at forty below and you have a better understanding as to why it took three trips, lots of groundwork and a bit of luck to realize the images for Night Light.

In addition, this photographer’s heart is as big as his talent. His proceeds from the sale of his work for Night Lights will go to the #1 rated Charity in NJ,*Table To Table. More of Dean Cobin’s work can be seen at

Ben Grunow – Panasonic Luminary – June 18 at 9:30 am – Class and Photo walk

Ben Grunow headshot

About Ben Grunow

As a professional photographer with a love of nature and adventure, Ben has traveled all over the globe with many Olympic athletes capturing images and video for various ski/snowboard brands and magazines. He grew up as a athlete and learned to produce his own promotional video as a teen jump starting his career as a professional skier. Eventually being behind the lens made more sense and he has never looked back. Ben lives in Elmore, Vermont as his home base on a family owned farm. He captures action, landscape, time-lapse, weddings, portraits and more. Ben is a Panasonic LUMIX Luminary Team member and his fascination to learn and see through the camera is his driving passion.



Class description:

Time-Lapse Basics and hands on demonstration. This will be a course that will cover techniques for making time lapse photography with the Lumix Camera Systems or any other micro 4/3 or DSLR camera. We will cover how to use time-lapse in your work, to time-lapse video basics in Premiere CC, the gear you’ll need and more.  This is a great chance for beginners who would like learn about creating their own time-lapse to use in their workflow. Immediately following we will take a hour long photo walk and apply it outside the store, finding some subject matter and making our own time-lapse videos. This will be hands on and a great way to get started!

What you will need: Micro 4/3 camera or DSLR that has a intervalometer either plug in or built in. any lens (wider is nice) and a tripod

Harmon Kaplan – Focus Session Special Guest – July 9

Focus Session Special Guest Harmon Kaplan – July 9 at 9:30 am

It is said that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I feel that I was born with a camera in my hands! When I was four years old I began photographing with my father ‘s Leica. It was the start of a lifetime addiction. By the time I was nine years old I had my first darkroom. I looked for opportunities to make photographs …. in school, at home or on vacation.

At age 11 I worked for a newspaper photographer and worked “wet-printing for the early edition of the paper. I apprenticed for a fine-art photographer in Vermont and worked as an assistant for a commercial/industrial photography studio. Photography has offered me the opportunity to continue learning and challenging my vision. Today I find myself photographing people, buildings, landscapes, street scenes, and the list goes on and on!

I have been lucky to have photographs in the collections of President George Bush, Mayor Giuliani and Kirk Douglas as well as in many private collections. I have had solo shows in Piermont, NY, Secaucus, NJ, Morristown, NJ and Brooklyn, NY.

To this day (and hopefully a lot longer) I carry a camera wherever I go, continuing to find subjects to photograph. It is a challenge that never ends. For 2016, I have been lucky to have been chosen as an Honorary Luminary for Panasonic Lumix.

Recently I have entered the world of digital photography (kicking and screaming) I still maintain my darkroom and shoot with film when I need to slow down and have my day of Zen. With the constantly evolving technology there has never been a time when advice and information has been needed more. The corner camera store has vanished and the Internet has forced many brick and mortar stores out of business. Luckily there are a
few holdouts where one can find information and help. Sadly some stores offer help from salespeople who have photography degrees from universities but no real world experience. Some offer salespeople who have graduate degrees from the photography university of experience and hard knocks. Luckily Bergen County Camera falls into the latter. They offer a chance to speak with people who have lived in the world of photography, used the equipment in the real world situations. In addition you can always find great people at the free Saturday focus sessions. Spend an hour and leave with newfound information as well as some free coffee and Munchkins. It doesn’t get better than that!

{Focus session take place most Saturdays at 9:30 am – full schedule}


Free Saturday Focus Sessions – June and July

Focus sessions are Free and take place in our store from 9:30 am – 10:15 am. Focus Sessions are mini classes and discussions and classes about photography. All sessions will allow for questions and answers. Please bring your camera and any images along that you have questions about. Please share your thoughts for future focus sessions in the comment box below. No RSVP – Free for everyone – Please bring a friend!

focusbanner1Hit the “Like Button” to let your friends know. Have suggestions for future focus sessions? Feel free to leave a comment.


Here’s our upcoming Focus Sessions:

June 4 – Bronx Zoo Trip Review and Picture Show

June 11 – Preparing your Camera for Vacation

June 18 – Panasonic Luminary – Class and Photo Walk – Special Guest Ben Grunow

June 25 – Get ready for Fireworks Photography

July 2 – To be Announced

July 9 – Special Guest – Harmon Kaplan – A Life behind the Camera

These are free events – bring a friend along if you’d like. Share with your friends on Facebook – Click the Like button below. Hope you can join us!


Why Own a Mirrorless Camera


Do you remember Tamron’s Adaptall system of manual focus lenses? You would buy a lens and the appropriate adapter to make it fit your brand of camera. If you bought a different brand of camera, you could just buy an adapter/mount for the new one and you could still use your lenses. Now that was flexibility!

Being able to use older 35 mm lenses on the newer DX and FX bodies is another way to keep that favorite glass close by in your camera bag. With film still not dead (reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, but that is a topic for another day and another post), having lenses that fit both a digital and a film body can make for great creative photographic possibilities.

When I was looking around for a new camera system to replace my Pentax Spotmatic F in the late 1980’s, my research led me to Nikon. Being a practical person, I wanted a system that had growth potential. The older lenses (with a few exceptions) were compatible with the newer bodies, that was a big selling point.

NEX7_DSC3934_ScreenEven with the crop factor involved with using full frame lenses on the cropped sensor bodies, which as Paul C. pointed out in a recent focus session, that difference can give you an increased telephoto and magnification capability when it counts.

Even with my DSLRs (both DX and FX), I still have and use the same lenses I have had for years. After more than 20 years experience in the used photographic equipment business, my equipment roster has some great MF lenses. My Nikkor 300/4.5 IF-ED lens works well with my digital cameras, as does my Micro 55/2.8. My old Nikkor 35/3.5 PC lens was a favorite focal length when I was shooting 35 mm and my Nikkor 24/2 is the equivalent of 36 mm on my APS-C cameras.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight to find that the same MF lenses I use so often could be used with an adapter on a mirrorless camera. With a wide selection of adapters available today, you can mix and match an amazing number of cameras and lenses between brands. Most of the adapters are available for mirrorless camera bodies (with some available for DSLR’s) but the range of lenses are endless—Leica, Nikon, Canon, etc—both old and new. Have an R or M Leica lens you would like to use on that Olympus, Sony or Fuji? There is an adapter for that!

My everyday camera these days is a Sony NEX-7. It has been a great choice for my needs because I can use the 16-50 Sony lens or put on my Kiwi adapter and use any of my Nikkor lenses. I have to use them in aperture priority or manual, but that is fine with me. Having manual control of my camera has always been part of my photography, both analog and digital. My Tamron SP 35-80 was a constant on my D70s and the results have always been tack sharp. It is easier than carrying around a DSLR and I am always ready for those spur of the moment photo opportunities that crop up during the day.

Memorial Day Free 8×10 Print and 50% off Restoration Special


This Memorial Day, to show our gratitude for the brave men and women that served our country,  we are offering one free 8×10 print and 50% off on any restoration services.  Bring in a photo of anyone in your family that has served and we will scan the photo and make one free 8×10 print.  If you would like to have the photo restored we are happy to offer this service to you at 50% off.  This promotion is valid from May 27th through May 31st.

Our deepest gratitude to those that served and to their families that sacrifice.

Recent additions to our Used Equipment List

The following items were added for the week of May 21st. You can signup here to receive our Weekly Used Equipment updates via email.






 327464  Canon 10-18/4.5-5.6 EFS-IS Ex+  219.99
 328335  Canon 18-135/3.5-5.6 STM Exc+  349.99
 328334  Canon 18-55/3.5-5.6 EFS Cps E+  79.99
 328647  Canon 24-105/4.0L EF-IS New  999.99
 328759  Canon 300/2.8L EF-IS Hd/Cp Ex+  3,299.99
 328760  Canon 50D 15mp 3.5k Bt/Ch Exc+  349.99
 327480  Canon 70-300/4-5.6 EF-IS Cp E+  449.99
 328332  Canon 70D 20mp 2k Bat/Chg Exc+  799.99
 328333  Canon 70D 20mp 5k Bat/Chg Exc+  699.99
 328336  Canon 75-300/4-5.6III EF NIB  189.99
 328566  CANON EF 28-135/3.5-5.6 EX+  179.99
 328338  Canon T3 18-55 18mp 2k B/C E+  279.99
 328761  Canon/Sig 150-500/5-6.3 EFS E+  399.99
 327465  Canon/Sig 17-50/2.8 EFS Hd Ex+  279.99
 328645  Lowe Pro Rover Pro 35L AW Demo  199.99
 328742  Nikon 35/1.8 AFS-DX w/Hd Exc  129.99
 328564  NIKON AF FISHEYE 10.5/2.8 EX+  399.99
 328565  NIKON AF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6G EX+  149.99
 328683  Nikon D4 16mp 2.5k Bt/Ch/Bx E+  3,499.99
 328762  Nikon D5200 24mp 3.5k Bt/Ch E+  379.99
 328567  NIKON D80 BODY BATT,CHGR EX  149.99
 327463  Nikon MB-D12 f/D800/D810 LNIB  279.99
 328743  Nikon/Tam 16-300/3.5-6.3 DX E+  399.99
 328684  Nikon/Tam 200-500/5-6.3 AF Ex+  399.99
 328758  Nikon/Tam 70-300/4-5.6 AFS Ex+  349.99
 328734  Rolleiflex 2.8E Xenotar Exc+  699.99
 327460  Sony/Mit 50/.95 FE MF Hd/Bx E+  649.99
 327461  Sony/Zei 50/2.0 Loxia FE MF E+  699.99
 327459  Sony/Zei 55/1.8 FE ZA SEL Exc+  749.99