Free Focus Sessions through November 2014

Focus sessions are free and take place in the Westwood store from 9:30 am – 10 am. All sessions will allow for questions and answers. Please bring your camera and any images along that you have questions about. Feel free to use the comment option to make suggestions for future focus sessions. Hit the “Like Button” to let your friends know. Have suggestions for future focus sessions? Feel free to leave a comment.

Here’s our upcoming Focus Sessions:

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These are free events – bring a friend along if you’d like. Share with your friends on Facebook – Click the Like button below. Hope you can join us!

Canon Fall Printer Event – October 16th

canfalJoin us on October 16th from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm for a Canon Printer Event. Bring in your favorite fall themed image and we will print in for free on a Canon Pixma Pro Printer. There will be specials available that night only on Canon Printers. Refreshments will be served.

All About Aperture


Chloe (1/800th of a second at f/1.8)

Photography is the art of capturing a moment. Light and time caught and preserved for the enjoyment of all. While I can easily describe the amount of time it took to take a photograph, (in the accompanying photo 1/800th of a second) describing the amount of light is a little more complicated.


Your lens features a system which controls the light entering your camera. Much like the pupil of a human eye shrinks and grows depending on how much light is entering the eye, the lens has aperture blades which shrink the opening of the lens so the right amount of light enters for proper exposure. When we describe how much light is used in creating an image, we describe how much light is entering the lens, known as the f-stop, through the opening of the lens, the aperture. The lower the f-stop number, the higher the amount of light entering the lens. So an f-stop of 1.8 is letting in more light then an f-stop of 5.6.

Varying apertures can have dramatic effects on your photographs. Varying the aperture in your photos will both alter the depth of focus in your photos as well as the minimum shutter speed for proper exposure. Depth of focus is how much distance into your photo objects will stay in focus. When I use an aperture of f/1.8(lots of light entering the lens) objects in the foreground and background of where I focus will appear soft or blurry. Oppositely if I use an aperture of  f/32(little light is entering the lens), both the subject I focus on, as well as both the foreground and background will be in focus.

When shooting in low light environments, changing the aperture of the lens to allow as much light in as possible will result in a quicker shutter speed and a sharper image. In landscape photography, changing the aperture will allow an increased depth of field and more subjects in focus.

Lenses can have either a fixed or variable aperture. In variable aperture lenses, the maximum aperture changes depending on what focal length you’re using, or how far you’ve zoomed.

Most kit lenses or lenses that accompany cameras are variable aperture lenses and have an aperture of f/3.5-5.6. This can be found by looking at your lens. You’ll see a ratio like 1:3.5-5.6. This is telling you that the aperture of your lens is f/3.5-5.6.

In taking both portraits and everyday photos, low aperture lenses can make your photos much more interesting at a low cost. Stop in to Bergen County Camera to learn more about lenses that will improve your photography.

Nikon D750 Seminar and Model Shoot

Visit Bergen County Camera on Thursday, October 23rd from 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm to learn about Nikon’s newest camera, the D750. Then after the seminar, get your hands on the D750 or one of Nikon’s other current models to try in a model shoot. Refreshments will be served. Sign up now on Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - Nikon D750 Seminar and Model Shoot

Happy 65th Birthday Bruce Springsteen!

Bruce Springsteen on Sunset Boulevard

Terry O’Neill, Bruce Springsteen on Sunset Boulevard, 1975 20×24 Silver gelatin print

We couldn’t let September 23, 2014 pass without honoring the 65th birthday of New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen. Bergen County Camera and Gallery 270 owner, Tom Gramegna, recently discussed his history with Bruce, his love of Bruce’s music, and a little know story of Bruce’s visit to Bergen County Camera.

“It’s relevant here at Bergen County Camera and Gallery 270, because we all have a favorite Bruce photo among the countless pictures made by photographers both known and unknown throughout his career. We posted this delightful Terry O’Neill image back when he visited us for the opening of our show “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…”, earlier in 2014. Terry commented about the prominent placement of his 1975 Springsteen photograph in our Gallery window. When I reminded him that he was in New Jersey and further predicted that it would be the most popular photograph in the show, he fondly recounted the story behind the photograph. Terry was in Los Angeles for another photo shoot and while on a break went out to purchase a copy of the newly released Born To Run album. He was walking down Sunset Boulevard, album in hand, when he noticed Bruce himself walking the same sidewalk. Bruce was there to check out the newly installed billboard ( his first) advertising the “Born To Run” album. Terry took some candid shots first and then asked Bruce to pose on the street in front of his first billboard. Yet another great moment in history captured by the photographically ubiquitous Terry O’ Neill.

Bruce is also an avid photographer himself (more about that later). Frank Stefanko, photographed and became friends with Bruce while shooting for the album “Darkness on the Edge Of Town” has said that Bruce’s personal photographs could be considered among the best bodies of photography that will never be seen in public.

Many of you know that I have been a long time Bruce fan and have seen him perform hundreds of times. My personal history with Bruce Springsteen begins at my sophomore year attending Seton Hall University. One of my high school buddies who also attended SHU told me that I needed to see Bruce and his E Street Band who were playing for $1.50 at our student center. Having already seen Bruce previously perform, he promised that “seeing this guy will change your life”! Though I doubted his words at first, he could not have been more correct! From that day to the present, over forty years later, I continue to be amazed by the transformative power his music has always had for me and many others.

Since so much time has passed since 1982, I hope Bruce forgives me for recounting this momentous Bergen County Camera story, never before published, on the occasion of his big birthday 32 years later! Enthusiastically recommended by loyal BCC clients, Bruce came to purchase an SLR camera before he set out on his cross country journey that would become the inspiration for the album Nebraska. My “dear” brother Bob helped him chose an entry level Konica 35MM SLR camera that he deemed as perfect for the novice photographer which is how Bruce described himself. One might think that my “dear” brother who knew I was working out around the corner (at Westwood Racquetball and Nautilus), would have called his Springsteen fanatic brother to allow me to share in the momentous visit to our store by my musical hero. But Bruce came to my store and left without me getting the opportunity to meet him and revel in our great luck. I returned to “you’ll never guess who came in and purchased a camera…”. He instructed me to go to my desk and look at the Amex charge slip that he placed on my desk. Incredulous that he would not have called me from around the corner to meet my hero, I told him he was fired. Of course, I got over it and chalked it up to fate. To this day, I have attended concerts, events and fundraisers that promised to find me in places where the I’d have the opportunity to meet the man I have followed since February 11, 1973 and thank him for the countless hours of joy his music has provided me. Bruce cover full rez LARGEEven now, over forty years later, I’m philosophical enough to again leave this to the fates, while still working on a dream.” – Tom Gramegna, Bergen County Camera and Gallery 270 Owner
We invite you to view our current show at Bergen County Camera featuring photos of Bruce Springsteen by Debra Rothenberg. Her new book, “Bruce Springsteen In Focus, 1980-2012″ is an incredible experience for any Bruce Springsteen fan. The book, as well several of Debra’s prints, are now on sale at Bergen County Camera.

Now available at Bergen County Camera: Digital Silver Imaging

The Art of Black & White in a Digital World


Photo by: Alan Schwab

Bergen County Camera is proud to announce a new service in our processing department, Digital Silver Imaging Black and White prints. Double weight black and white Ilford paper is exposed with light directly from your digital image. The exposed paper is then processed in photographic chemistry, archivally washed, air dried, flattened and hand finished with an archival wax for added protection and longevity. Available in either Fiber or Resin Coated (RC). Size up to 48″x120″ available.

Debra Rothenberg Presentation September 20 – “Bruce Springsteen In Focus 1980 – 2012″

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Debra Rothenberg’s book about Bruce Springsteen is priceless.”        – Tom Cunningham, Host, Bruce Brunch, 105.7 The Hawk

TheRiver-014-1In honor of Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming 65th Birthday, Bergen County Camera and Gallery 270 are honored to present an inspiring talk, book signing and exhibit by Bergen County’s own Debra Rothenberg. Deb will recount her long road to success with her photography, culminating with the recent realization of her dream to publish a book documenting her decades photographing New Jersey icon, Bruce Springsteen on and off the stage, in concerts all over the world. There are wonderful takeaways regarding the focus and determination necessary to get memorable photographs. While Deb is certainly famous for the Springsteen material, she’s an all round, versatile photographer who’s great candid advice will be appreciated by aspiring photographers of all kinds.



BITUSA-026-1After the approximate one hour talk with suitable time for Q and A, Deb will meet with you and sign and personalize copies of her book, “Bruce Springsteen In Focus 1980 – 2012.” Books will be available for sale and personalization during the event. We will also have a varied group of Debs signed photographs for $100 – $1000 in black and white and color, matted, matted and framed and mounted on metal. Purchase a signed, matted and framed print today and we will include a signed and personalized copy of Deb’s book as our additional thank you gift.



Here’s the schedule of events on September 20th with Debra L. Rothenberg:

9:30 am – 10:30 am  Focus Session: Debra will speak about photography and her book on Bruce Springsteen
10:30 am – 1 pm        Book Signing and display of Debra’s Photography

Learn more about Debra Rothenberg on her website

Learn more about Bergen County Camera’s Free Saturday Focus Sessions